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Switchboards or fuse boxes, as they are also called, regulate electric current supply to various power points or power sockets in your house. In case of an overload of current, they can end up being burnt. This results in the power of the electricity supply being cut and none of your power points work. Hence, your house must have modern switchboards installed professionally to take the entire electric load without causing any harm.

A switchboard is the hub of the entire electrical system of your house. Everything will stop working if your switchboard doesn’t work. In that case, you will require emergency services from a licensed electrician for repairing or replacing your switchboard. Quick Spark’s professional team of electricians is trained to quickly assess the problem and present the most viable solution at your doorstep.

Faulty switchboards not only bring your house to a standstill but also pose a safety hazard. Hence, it is important to know when it is time to repair, replace, or upgrade your switchboards. Here are a few reasons:

Flickering lights – It can be very frustrating if the lights in your house flicker a lot. This is a sign that it is time that your switchboard needs a repair or an upgrade immediately.

Recurrent power outages – If every time you plug in an additional device or appliance your power goes out or trips, it is a clear indication that your current switchboard cannot take the load. It is time to upgrade your switchboard. 

Out-dated switchboards – Out-dated switchboards are susceptible to short  circuits. They are not designed to take on the additional load of electrical appliances that have become a part of our everyday life. Earlier houses had a handful of electrical appliances, but modern homes have a multitude of devices that need to be turned on at the same time. These switchboards not only damage the appliances but also are a huge safety hazard. They should be replaced immediately with new switchboards to suit your current needs.

Renovations or electrical extensions – In case you have renovated your home or a part of your home like the kitchen, it is essential that you upgrade your switchboards too, so that they can handle the additional power load due to these extensions or renovations.

Energy savings – Latest, state-of-the-art switchboards are equipped to carry the load safely and at the same time help in saving energy as they are known to reduce the amount of power consumed.

Safety – Your current switchboard is not equipped with a circuit breaker or safety switches that protect against any possible electrocution or fire hazard.

It is crucial that all the electrical installations in your home are carried out by trained and qualified electricians only. This ensures that not only do you get the best solutions as per your requirements, but also all safety protocols and standards are adhered to. Quick Spark is a leading electrical company offering hassle-free, end-to-end solutions for all your switchboard repair and installation needs. 

Our switchboard repair and installation services include:

  • Testing of current switchboards
  • Repair of all kinds of switchboards
  • Upgrading current switchboards to new ones
  • Installation of completely new switchboards

Looking for repair or installation of switchboards in your house? Look no further, Quick Spark is the answer to all your requirements. Our proficient, local electricians are qualified to repair and install all kinds of switchboards in your home in the quickest possible time.

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