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Coming back home after a hard long day, we all crave a relaxing, hot shower to refresh us. Realizing that the electric hot water heater in your home is not functioning properly, just when you are about to have a shower, can be very annoying. Admit it, nobody likes cold showers and you need your hot water heater to be repaired immediately, especially if this sort of disaster happens in cold weather. Quick Spark comes to your rescue in such a situation. Our local, licensed electricians are experienced in finding electrical hot water heater faults promptly and repairing them in the quickest possible time.

Most of the homes in Australia have electric hot water heaters,mainly because they are easy to install and repair, but also since they work via easily available electricity supply. There are mainly two types of heaters: Instantaneous electric hot water heaters that heat water for instant use, or electric hot water tanks that store a large quantity of water. Whatever the type of electric hot water heater system, Quick Spark can help you quickly find the fault and repair it in the most reliable manner.

Electric hot water heaters need to be serviced regularly to detect any faults and to determine whether it requires repairs or replacement. Some common clues tell you that the electric hot water heater faults need to be seen to urgently. Read below to find out about these.

Hot water heater making weird sounds

Though it is normal for an electric hot water heater to make some sounds like gurgling or sizzling sounds, it is prudent to get it checked for any faults. On the other hand, a bubbling sound coming from your electric hot water heater is an indication that it is overheating and needs the immediate attention of a licensed electrician.

Muddy or reddish, smelly water

If the hot water coming from your heater is reddish or muddy and smells rusty, it is time to get it checked by a professional. This could be due to corrosion inside the hot water heater and may involve a faulty anode that needs replacement.

Not enough hot water

In the event of your home frequently running out of hot water, it might be time to assess whether the electric water heater is of the right capacity to cater to your home’s needs. If this is not the case, then the reasons for your not having enough hot water can be due to broken electrical parts, faulty thermostat, or leaking pipes or valves. In such a scenario, you must engage the expert services of a licensed electrician to find the fault and repair it quickly before it becomes a safety hazard.

Too much hot water

If the water coming from your taps is too hot, it is a faulty or broken thermostat issue. Call Quick spark to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Leakage in the electrical hot water heater

Any leakage around the electric water heater may be due to leaking valves, pipes, or maybe a leakage in the heater itself. An electrician will be able to gauge the problem and advise the correct solution, whether repair or replacement.

Our qualified electricians can detect and repair any electric water heater fault. Quick Spark takes pride in being the leading electrical services company in Australia providing the best customer service every time. We boast of a team of fully licensed, local electricians who have years and years of experience handling electric water heaters and providing hassle-free service.

Schedule an appointment with us by calling now. Quick Spark’s trained electricians are available all through the year. Our helpful customer service staff will guide you and help you get started immediately!

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