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Our homes, and practically our lives, depend upon electricity. Good electrical wiring is one the most crucial aspects of keeping our homes and family safe. It is essential that the electrical wiring in your home is top-notch and meets all safety standards to ensure there is no safety hazard of any kind.

Electrical faults or failures due to damaged or outdated electric wiring are one of the leading causes of residential fires in Australia. It is imperative that you budget for timely inspection, and if required, electrical rewiring of your house.

Whether you are renovating your entire home or just adding an extension, you will need to go for electrical rewiring to meet the additional electricity demand in your home. With more and more homes considering home automation systems, it becomes critical that electrical rewiring is undertaken by professional electricians, to not only comply with Australian standards, but also ensure that all safety protocols are followed properly.

Quick Spark has licensed electricians who are fully trained to undertake any kind of electrical rewiring of your home or any extension you wish to do.

Electrical rewiring of your home can be as simple as repairing just a few power outlets, to as complex as changing all the wires of your home and starting from scratch. It is an essential part of any home project that involves electricity; such as home automation, renovation, and especially an extension. Electrical rewiring ensures that your home keeps functioning smoothly without any annoying outages.

Not sure whether your home needs electrical rewiring or not? There are some tell-tale signs that your home needs rewiring:

Older homes

If your home is more than 30 years old, it is a reason enough for you to consider electrical rewiring. Older homes are not equipped to handle the increased dependency on electricity of the modern lifestyle. It is advisable to enlist professional electricians, like Quick Spark, to inspect your house and complete the electrical rewiring of your house safely.

Home renovation or home extension

Renovating your house, like your kitchen or bathroom, or adding an extension can be very exciting, but it is important to keep in mind that any extension calls for electrical rewiring to make sure that the additional electricity needs are met without causing any additional load on the existing electrical system.

Flickering lights

If the lights in your home are constantly flickering, it is a sign that it is time to relook at your wiring and replace it.

Burning smell from sockets or switchboards

Any burning smell coming from either power sockets or switchboards, or even from electrical appliances, is an indication that you need electrical rewiring.

Frequent fluctuations or power outages

Frequent fluctuations or power outages are not only a nuisance; they are a sign that current electrical wiring cannot take the electric load and needs rewiring immediately.

Electric Shocks

Minor electric shocks while switching on the appliances, can quickly turn into a safety hazard for you and your family. Electrical rewiring becomes imminent in this case.

The reasons for electrical rewiring in your home can be many, but the same must be carried out by licensed electricians only. Quick Spark’s professionally trained electricians are equipped to inspect your electrical rewiring requirement and present the optimal solution best suited to your pocket.

Electrical rewiring jobs can involve replacing the wires and can also involve upgrading sockets, switchboards, or power points. Whatever the job, Quick Spark’s local electricians can get it done efficiently while guaranteeing that all safety standards and protocols are followed accurately.

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