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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the place where family and friends come together for delicious meals. Modern kitchens are equipped with several appliances to make the job of cooking easier and fun, but the kitchen hood and electric oven remain central. We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of having a high-quality kitchen hood or range hood installed in your kitchen to keep it clean from all the grease and dirt that can accumulate on your beautiful walls and expensive cabinets.

Quick Spark is the most trust-worthy name for your kitchen appliance installation needs; especially kitchen hood and electric oven installation. Our team of professional electricians have executed countless kitchen hood and electric oven installations all over Australia and are known for their fast and reliable service.

Do you need a kitchen hood?

Still not sure whether you need a kitchen hood in your kitchen? Read some of the many benefits of having one installed in yours.

Better Air Quality: A kitchen hood keeps the air cleaner by removing smoke, grease, oil, toxins, and kitchen odour out of the house. It makes absolute sense to have one installed in your kitchen for a pleasurable cook every time.

Cleaner kitchen: A kitchen hood drawing the smoke and grime out of the kitchen, leaves you with a cleaner kitchen that is easier to keep clean.

No bad smells: The aftermath of a cook is not necessarily pleasant; even if the meal is awesome. That is why having a kitchen hood becomes important to ensure that the kitchen and the entire house do not retain the bad odour of a cooking session.

Comfortable cooking: Even if we love cooking elaborate meals for our family and friends, it can become uncomfortable because of the heat and steam. A kitchen hood keeps you comfortable throughout the cook by sucking out the steam from the kitchen.

One needs to keep in mind that kitchen hood and electric oven installation must be carried out by professional electricians. They ensure that the installation of a new hood or replacement of an existing one is completed safely.

Quick Spark’s local, trained electricians have the expertise in getting the job done to the highest customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest and most trustworthy kitchen hood and electric oven installation in Australia.

Factors affecting the installation of an electric oven in your kitchen:

Whether you are looking at replacing your existing electric oven or installing a new one, there are few factors to be considered:

Size of the electric oven: The size of the electric oven plays a crucial part in the installation. You need to ensure that the new oven easily fits in the existing, allocated place. or it may require additional work for fit-outs.

Placement of the oven: The positioning or location of the oven is very important for proper installation. Make sure to check and cross-check the dimensions of your new electric oven so that it can be easily installed in the existing place.

Power / electrical requirements: There is a variety of electric ovens available on the market. Each one of them will have different power or electrical cabling requirements. Quick Spark can easily help you with the installation of all major brands of electric ovens.

Quick Spark is your answer to all kinds of kitchen hood and electric oven installation. Our licensed and trained electricians have a track record of getting the job done competently, in the quickest possible time.

Call us now to enjoy hassle-free service. Our local electricians are available all around the year to help you!

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