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Lights are the major contributors to the overall electricity consumption in any home. They contribute more than 40% to the overall electricity bill of your house. Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, as they are commonly known, are the latest technology in lighting systems. They are an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable option for our lighting needs.

If you are still using outdated lights like halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent lights in your home, you are paying much more for electricity than you should. Upgrading to LED lights is a smart move since they produce light 90% more efficiently than traditional lights, last much longer, and reducing your electricity bill substantially.

More and more homeowners in Australia are understanding the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting. The Australian government is running various schemes across the country that offer subsidized or free LED upgrades to homeowners. This initiative of the government is to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy conservation through the latest eco-friendly technology. Call Quick Spark now to learn more about this!

Quick Spark has years of experience in carrying out LED upgrades in homes. Our licensed electricians are trained to provide hassle-free service in the most reliable and safe manner. Call us now for LED installation and upgrades.

Still thinking whether to go for LED upgrades or hold on longer? The reasons below will help you take the plunge right away. Some of the most obvious benefits of LED upgrades are:

Advanced technology for greater energy efficiency

The most significant reason for upgrading to LED lighting is that it uses the latest, most energy-efficient technology. LED lights use 80-90% of electricity to emit light which means only 10-20% of energy is wasted as heat.

LED lights last longer

Higher lifespan – LED lights last much longer compared to halogen, incandescent, or CFL bulbs. They can last 4 to 5 times longer than CFLs and almost 30 – 50 times longer than an incandescent light bulb. This means no more frequent replacing of light bulbs.

An eco-friendly and greener option

Statistics show that about half of any household’s carbon footprint is due to electricity consumed and almost a quarter of it is because of lighting. Upgrading to LED lighting is a smart choice as this not only reduces the carbon footprint of your home but is also a sustainable option, as it lowers your electricity bill substantially


Since LEDs utilize electricity judiciously to produce light, they do not heat up or burn out easily in comparison to conventional lights. This means they last longer, need lesser maintenance, and lower your electricity bill. All this makes them a cost-effective and pocket-friendly choice.

Safer to use

LEDs do not contain harsh chemicals like mercury and do not produce harmful IR and UV rays like incandescent or halogen lights. This makes them the safer option as the heat emitted in traditional lights can be a fire hazard.

Additional adjustable features

They come with various features like dimming controls, color changes, etc. which help you create a better ambiance in your room.

Higher Durability

All LED lights work well under harsh temperatures; both hot and cold are water-resistant and shockproof. This makes them more durable and more reliable to use in comparison to other lights.

Instant, brighter light

LED lights emit light almost instantly when switched on and do not flicker or hum like traditional light bulbs.

Looking at LED upgrades? No need to look any further. Quick Spark is your one-stop shop for all things LED. Our team of local electricians is qualified and highly skilled to carry out LED upgrades in your home professionally. We guarantee on-time delivery in the quickest possible time. Book your service now by calling our customer-friendly staff.   

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