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Today’s world works on connectivity. Our need to be connected at all times is at an all-time high. We understand the need and importance of an up-to-date, professionally installed communication set up in your house; whether it’s TV outlets, phone points, or data points. Quick Spark can help you with multiple TV outlets, phone point installation, and data cabling service in the most competent manner.

We recognize that the dependency on technology and the internet is increasing day by day. For our life to function smoothly, nothing is more important than having our home communication set up installed and functioning efficiently. Quick Spark takes pride in having a team of local trained technicians that can carry on any kind of communication setup job for you, no matter how big or small. Connect with us today and see our knowledgeable and proficient technicians handle the task for you with ease.

What can we do for you?

We can help you with the complete communication set up for your house based on your needs. Some of the services we offer are:

TV outlet installation:

It is very common to have multiple TVs in today’s modern houses. There are times when different family members want to unwind watching different programs and nothing beats watching a late-night movie in the comfort of your bedroom. Hence, the need for having multiple TV outlets all over your house. Quick Spark can install multiple TV sockets; this entails the installation of TV antenna sockets in walls for you to be able to plug the TV antenna in and watch your favourite shows wherever you want. Our licensed electricians are trained to carry out all jobs with the highest quality, no matter how big or small.

Phone point installation:

Not long ago, the phone used to be just one instrument in your phone which did not need any attention after being installed. But nowadays, phones are not only an important means of communication, but the centre of your home communication setup to maintain connectivity. It is essential that you have enough phone points distributed throughout your home and all are in perfect working condition. Be it replacement of the existing phone points and cabling or installation of new ones, Quick Spark can help you with all. In case you are experiencing an unclear or crackling sound in your phone lines, call Quick Spark and our experts will solve the problem in no time.

Datapoint installation:

Our house is full of modern devices that need to be connected to the internet to work such as Smart TVs, home theatres, smart speakers, computers, etc. Though all these and all the other smart devices in our homes can be connected through wi-fi, they work better and faster if they are plugged into data points. Most home networks use a combination of both wi-fi and hardwired data points. Datapoint, also known as network point or LAN point, requires data cabling in your house which can be carried out by licensed and professionally trained technicians only. Quick Spark has years of experience in providing the most reliable and fastest data cabling services in Australia.

We rely on connectivity for everything, everywhere, and the same holds for our homes. A professionally installed communication setup is crucial for the efficient functioning of your home. Quick Spark is your answer to all needs related to the communication setup. Our team will assess your requirements and present the optimal solution with the installation of the right number of TV outlets, phone points, and professional data cabling services.

Quick Spark’s team of qualified and licensed technicians is available round the clock to cater to your needs. Call us now and get started!

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