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A power surge is a spike in the electricity entering your home. This causes an excessive electric current to pass to your appliances and devices and can cause them to burn out or crash. Power surges or electricity surges happen in our homes regularly without us paying any heed. Unless we have experienced an electricity burst at any time, the impact of power surges in our homes normally goes unnoticed.

Lightning and thunderstorms are the most commonly known reason for power surges in homes, but there are several other reasons for an electrical surge in your homes. Heavy devices like refrigerators, air conditioners that use considerable electricity to switch on and off the motors and compressors, can create power surges. Frequent fluctuations, damaged electrical wiring, defective equipment like switchboards, etc. can also lead to surges over time that can cause damage slowly and render your expensive electronic devices; like computers, smart TVs, tablets, phone lines, useless.

Even though the surges last only for milliseconds, they can cause serious damage to the costly appliances that modern homes are equipped with. So, how do you ensure that your home and home appliances are safe against the surges? Power surge protection is your answer. Installation of surge protection devices in your home safeguards your appliances and devices by interrupting the power surge before it reaches your electronics and causes any harm.

Quick Spark has fully licensed electricians that are trained in advising and installing power surge devices in your home, providing complete protection against power surges. Protect your assets from impending disaster. Call Quick Spark now and book a service!

Types of Power Surge Protection

You can opt for complete home surge protection or opt for power points/outlets surge protection. Read below to find out which suits your requirements the best.

Complete Home Surge Protection

This type of surge protection protects from power surges to your complete household. The installation of surge protectors is usually on the switchboards or fuse boxes and /or in the inner wiring of your home that supplies electricity to your entire home. If your home is like any modern-day home, there will be a myriad of electrical home appliances installed; especially the ones like home theatre systems, smart gadgets, and security systems. In this scenario, you should choose to get complete house surge protection installed. The advantage of having surge protectors on your mains is that it not only provides protection to the entire house but it also protects your appliances from both external surges caused by lightning and storms and internal surges. It arrests the power surge at the source and stops it from affecting your devices in any way.

Power point/outlet surge protection

This kind of surge protection is meant to protect against power surge only to the selective power outlets in your home. The surge protective devices in this case are installed in specific power outlets and provide protection only to the appliances or devices that are plugged into those power points. It is advisable to choose this surge protection only if there are very few electrical devices plugged in at any given time. One needs to be mindful that these protectors can provide surge protection against internal surge only i.e., surges occurring inside your home from your devices or faulty lines or equipment.

It is highly recommended that you install both types of surge protection in your home for comprehensive power surge protection and peace of mind.

Looking for installation of that all-important power surge protection for your home? Quick Spark is Australia’s leading electrical services company providing the most reliable power surge protection installation in the quickest possible time.

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