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Home is our safe haven, a place where we let our guard down and just relax with our loved ones. Everyone wants their home to be secure for the sake of their families. In addition to security cameras, motion sensor lights are an important part of the home security system, ensuring that it is safe and secure.  

A favoured choice amongst most people, motion sensor lights is a great way of protecting your house against any kind of intrusion. Motion sensor lights detect the slightest motion and light up the area immediately. They remain on for the set time period and switch off on their own. These lights are useful for both outdoor and indoor safety systems.

It makes great sense to install motion sensor lights in the dark areas of your house like basements, walk-in closets, hallways, and pantries where it might be difficult to look for and reach light switches. These decorative motion sensor lights switch on when they sense motion and switch off themselves when the same is not detected anymore, hence, no need to scramble for lights in such areas.

It goes without saying that the installation of motion sensor lights outside your home gives you enhanced protection. LED flashlights with motion sensors light up the entire garage, front yard, or backyard at the lightest of movement giving better visibility and lowering the chances of an intrusion on your property.

Quick Spark has years of experience in the installation of motion sensor lights in residences. Whether it is indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, or both; our local licensed electricians are trained to assess your requirements and present a viable solution.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights:

Enhanced security There is no doubt that when your home security system includes motion sensor lights, it gives you and your family enhanced security. Your CCTV cameras will help you with clearer pictures when the surveillance area is lit up.

Savings – Motion sensor lights save energy since the lights turn on only when movement is detected and auto turns-off after a set time. This results in lower energy bills, and hence, saves money.

Safety and Convenience – Sensor lights provide convenience in the house since there is no need to switch on and switch off the lights anymore. It is an especially safe choice in homes with small children and elderly people who might trip and hurt themselves in the dark while looking for light switches.

On the face of it, it might seem like a simple fix job, but it is always better to hire professional electrical services to install motion sensor lights in your home. Quick Spark is Australia’s leading electrical company that has successfully installed motion sensor lights in innumerable residences. Our trained electricians provide the most reliable, affordable solutions, while ensuring all safety standards are met. Get in touch with us now!

Tips for installing sensor lights:

  • Choose the optimal location and coverage area for installing these lights both indoor and outdoor.
  • Ensure that outdoor sensor lights are at least 6 to 8 feet high. This makes it difficult for any intruder to damage it.
  • Keep the motion detection area of sensor lights free from any objects, trees, or bushes else they may turn the lights on.
  • Keep the set time for the sensor light to turn off after about 30 seconds, so that you are not stranded in the dark.

Quick Spark offers the best quality electrical solutions at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment now and our qualified electricians will be at your doorstep in no time. We guarantee on-time delivery of services.

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