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Lighting and ceiling fans play a very important part in keeping our homes comfortable. They are also the electrical appliance most likely to be taken for granted. We tend to notice them only when they stop working and become a nuisance. One cannot imagine sitting in a room without a ceiling fan in hot summers.

Quick Spark is the most trusted electrical company in Australia that can repair your lighting and ceiling fans professionally and also help you with the installation of new lights and fans. Our licensed, local electricians are trained to provide expert electrical services for both indoor and outdoor lighting and ceiling fan repairs and installation.

Back in the day, residential lighting needs would mean the installation of simple light bulbs all across the home. These days the requirements and choices are plenty. Home lighting includes LED lighting, studio lights, dimming and mood-setting lights, motion sensor lights, garden lights, pendant lights, cabinet lights, and a host of other options. They are of great utility and enhance the look and decor of your room or the entire home. Both indoor and outdoor lights need to be picked carefully keeping in mind your requirements

Eye for Detail

Proper lighting installation involves a lot of details. The correct height, accurate placement, and wiring systems are just a few of them. You should not consider lighting installation as a DIY project,  and you ought to know that any kind of home lighting repairs and installation needs to be carried out by licensed electricians only. This ensures that your home lighting lasts longer, and also does not pose any safety hazard to you and your family.

Most homes these days have indoor and/or outdoor ceiling fans installed. It is apparent that having ceiling fans in your home is beneficial in the long run. Some of the benefits include:


Ceiling fans keep the air flowing in the room and keep you cool on hot days. Even with air conditioners on, they are used to ensure that cold air circulates and cools the room evenly.

Energy efficiency

Having ceiling fans reduces your reliance on air conditioners; especially on days when it is not too hot but still needs a breeze to keep you comfortable. This results in increased energy efficiency.


Usage of ceiling fans in your homes, whether in isolation or along with air conditioners, leads to lower energy use and hence lower energy bills. This results in obvious cost savings.

Home décor / Beauty

The latest designs and styles of ceiling fans are matched to the look of your room. It not only provides comfort but enhances the beauty and improves the overall look and feel of your home.

Some of Quick Spark’s services for Lighting and Ceiling fans include:

  • Ceiling fan replacement
  • New ceiling fan installation
  • Ceiling fan motor repair
  • Indoor and outdoor ceiling fan repair and installation
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting repair and installation
  • Lighting and Ceiling fan electrical rewiring
  • Lights and fans switch repairs and replacement

Quick Spark’s licensed electricians are professionally trained and qualified for any kind of lighting and ceiling fan repair and installation work in your area. Whether it is the repair of one ceiling fan or a complete overhaul of your home’s lighting, Quick Spark’s electricians are equipped to handle it with ease and complete it in the quickest possible time. They make sure that all safety standards have been strictly adhered to.

Look no further! Call Quick Spark today and leave all your lighting and ceiling fan related requirements to us. Our expert electricians are available every day of the week, 365 days a year.

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