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If you are planning to set up a new shop, store, or any commercial establishment, there is a lot of electrical work that will be required. Our team of experts can assist you with planning and ensure all the electrical work is done securely and within your planned timelines. Some of the points to keep in mind while setting up an electrical system for your shop or store are:

Load assessment

It is important to estimate the kind of load you would require for your business to run uninterrupted. It will definitely depend on the type of business you run. For electronics stores, the power required would be substantially higher than, say, a clothing store. Our team can help you calculate the load you require to help you get what you need and not waste any money.

Electrical system

Next, you need to identify the right electrical system for your requirements. We can assist you with the appropriate brand and type of electrical system for your business that will ensure uninterrupted service at your store.

Proper wiring

It is extremely important that all wiring at any store, office, or home is done securely. There are too many fire incidents caused because of loose connections, faulty wiring, improper fastening, exposed wiring, and faulty power outlets. Especially since all internal wiring is hidden, you may not realise what problems could occur. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is very important to us at Quick Spark. We double check all our wiring and conduct a thorough inspection at the end of any job.

Adequate power outlets

Depending on your business it is important to have the required outlets for your shop to run smoothly and also for any customers who might need it. Electronics stores require a lot of power, but even a coffee shop where customers spend a lot of time on their laptops, or charging their devices, requires enough outlets. It can often be overlooked, but this is an important item to address sooner rather than later.

Surge protection

For any store where there are electronic devices or expensive equipment, it is important to have surge protection. This will help safeguard from any damage to your equipment or devices.

Lighting system installation

Every kind of store requires its unique lighting design and system. Lighting can set the right ambience for a better customer experience; whether it is a café, restaurant, grocery store, retail outlet, or any other kind of business. Our team of expert technicians can help you with a variety of options best suited for your business. With years of experience and a variety of customer experiences, we can assist you with what you have in mind.

Equipment installation

Any equipment for any business should be installed by licensed electricians. Call Quick Spark electricians to help you get quality service at affordable prices.

Communication systems

Some businesses require internal communication systems. We can assist you with wiring and setup of a communication system suitable for your business to run efficiently.

Flexible electrical system

If you think there could be changes to your structure or business in the future and would prefer a system that can be adapted to those changes rather than replacing the entire system, our technicians can assist you with options and suggest the right kind of system for you.

Renovations and refurbishment

As with any new setup, a lot of aspects need to be taken into consideration when refurbishing or renovating your commercial establishment. Our teams of licensed electricians can assist you with it whenever you need it. We ensure quick and efficient service and minimum disruption to your business and customers. Our electricians are experienced and trained to ensure all our customers’ needs are met.

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