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If you are opening up a new office location and require a complete office fit-out, our teams of experienced electricians can help you get started. It is important that all contractors work together so that every stage is completed on time, so as not to delay the other teams or require rework. Our teams of certified electricians have worked on many fit-out projects, and can ensure work is done efficiently and on time.

While setting up an electrical system for a new office there are few things to keep in mind:

1. Lighting

It is important to have efficient and effective lighting in an office space to enhance productivity. For general work areas, the number of units and spacing are calculated based on the work space and the brightness and diffusion required for employees to work effectively.

For meeting rooms and conference rooms there are a wide range of options for lighting. Our team can provide you with all the possibilities available to create an impressive conference room.

2. Load management

To begin with, our team would need to estimate the load required based on the office space, number of seats, and the kind of equipment you will require for your office to function smoothly. This will ensure the system is not overloaded and that your electrical consumption is efficient.

3. Electrical wiring

The electrical wiring system is very important for any office. Since almost all wiring is eventually hidden behind walls, false ceilings and under floors, it has to be done securely. To ensure there are no loose connections, loose wires or improper fastening, all electrical wiring is inspected and certified before it becomes difficult to access. Our teams follow all safety guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of your employees and workplace.

4. Data wiring

All LAN wiring should be completed according to guidelines to ensure network connectivity at any workstation. Even though WiFi is most commonly used in and out of the workplace, wired LAN provides more consistent connectivity and speed. Our team of professionals can help you set up your entire network system wiring.

5. Switchboard management

The switchboard is a vital piece of equipment that receives power from the main line and routes the required load to power branches across the office. Every area needs to be connected with the power supply required for all the equipment in that specific area. Different areas may require different electrical loads.

This is vital so that there are no overloads that could cause major damage. The switchboard is equipped with circuit breakers and fuses. This ensures that if there is an overload, that line will trip, and the problem can be fixed before resuming the power supply to that phase.


Most offices install surveillance systems in common areas, entrances, and exits. Most meeting rooms and conference rooms are avoided to protect any intellectual property or discussions. Our team can help you decide on the right CCTV system and help install the cameras, wiring, monitors, and data management system.

7. Security system

A robust security is very important for the safety of your employees, intellectual property and security level restrictions. ID card scanners at entrances and secure rooms, personnel data management and entry/exit logs are important to ensure your office is secure.

8. Wireless networks

We depend on wireless networks for all our interaction on email, group chats, data sharing platforms, and to access the office network from anywhere. We have set up the entire office network for multiple new offices across Australia; so we can help you get it done in no time.

9. Surge protection

Our team can help you select the kind and quality of surge protection you require at your new office depending on the equipment and electrical system you require for your office.

Call our helpline any time, our lines are open 24/7 and we can give you all the information you need to help you get started.

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