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When it comes to setting up a new office space from scratch, your options are vast. The electrical system and wiring will be crucial from the very beginning. There are things to keep in mind when setting up a new office:

Estimated load

Based on the type of business or number of workers, our team of professional electricians can help you estimate the load required for your establishment

Projected increase in load, based on scope or growth

For a system to last, we would need to estimate any future growth, renovations or changes. This will save costs in the long run by ensuring the right system is setup for your specific needs

Design, floor plan, and expected requirements for meeting rooms, conference rooms and common areas

Our team of licensed electricians can help you from scratch and work hand in hand with your design team to ensure an efficient outcome and that all timelines are met.

Electrical system requirements

Once all the plans are clear and we have decided on the right system, our team can install the entire wiring, lighting, and ELV systems for your new office to function smoothly.

As far as maintenance of an existing electrical system in a commercial building, there are common problems for which you would need dedicated professional electrical services to assist you as soon as the needs arise. Some of the common issues we have seen are:

Outlets not working

With an increasing dependence on electrical devices in the office or on the go, electrical outlets have become a lifeline that helps us stay connected to our coworkers and the rest of the world. Some of the most common issues are when power outlets are not working. The cause could be a tripped breaker, a phase  down, or improper connections.

Unprotected wiring

This can be an unknown problem maker. Since most wiring is hidden from general view, exposed or unprotected wiring could cause a problem any time without anyone knowing. Have a professional electrician inspect and assess your office’s electrical system regularly to ensure your coworkers and offices are safe.

Wiring not secure

When wiring is installed electricians secure them with various techniques. If not done properly, it could cause damage.  An inspection by a professional electrician will help you set your mind at ease.

Loose connections

A very common problem is wear and tear, and also, after there has been a change in the floor plan or renovations. These could lead to extensive damage. Ensure all wiring and connections are inspected thoroughly when you get any electrical work done.

Grounding systems

To ensure your electrical system has a proper grounding setup, call a professional electrician. This problem can go unnoticed and could cause damage to equipment or personnel.

Circuit breaker tripping

If there is incorrect wiring or there is an overload in any section or phase, breakers trip. It could even be a faulty breaker. Have a professional electrician help you resolve this issue; especially because it may help you reassess your current load structure and modify it to function more efficiently.

Electrical fires

There could be many causes for electrical fires. Most go unnoticed until it is too late. Have your electrical system inspected properly by licensed technicians periodically to ensure nothing of this kind happens in your office building.

Burnt out bulbs

These are day to day problems that come up in offices and homes. At home it can be an easy fix.  Most offices, however, have false ceilings or hidden lighting. Call a professional to ensure the job is done properly and everything is fixed securely.

Lights flickering

This can be worse than a burnt light bulb. It can be very distracting, and could also be a problem more serious than just replacing the bulb. It could be a poor connection or improper wiring. A professional technician can assist you with this issue quickly and effectively.

Quick Spark provides a wide range of electrical services in all major cities and surrounding areas. Call our helpline any time and we can assist you.

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