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Even though ceiling fans have been a common fixture in houses for years, some people have shifted completely to depending on air conditioning. However, a ceiling fan isn’t only for cooling; it helps circulate warm or cool air in a room. They are also decorative and there are plenty of options available these days. Some of the common errors made when installing ceiling fans is that we assume a fan is a fan, indoor or outdoor, it shouldn’t make a difference. It does make a difference, and installing the right kind of fan for the particular area will help you avoid any damage or loss.

A few questions we often hear are –

Can we put an indoor fan outside?

Indoor fans are dry rated for indoor use only. The motor is not designed to resist moisture, rain, or snow.

What are outdoor fans?

Outdoor fans are designed to resist any damage that could be caused by moisture, heat, rain or snow. Their motors are insulated to ensure no short circuits occur due to weather conditions. Two types of outdoor fans are –

Damp rated

Damp rated fans are protected against moisture but not rain or snow. This means they can be used in exterior areas where they are not exposed to the elements, like patios, garages, and outdoor covered areas. Even in areas within the house where there could be higher humidity, it would be advisable to use a damp rated fan.

Wet rated

Wet rated fan motors are designed to resist everything outside. These fans can withstand outdoor elements and can even be washed with water. Most of them have ABS plastic blades and won’t warp or rust due to weather conditions. ABS is a lightweight and durable plastic polymer used to make various products like luggage, canoes, protective head gear etc. It can withstand high temperatures. This polymer can be designed to look like wood or even leaves. There are a wide range of outdoor fans with many designs to choose from to compliment your outdoor area.

How effective are outdoor fans?

Outdoor fans can be quite effective based on the size of your exterior area and the type of fan you select. Without air conditioning, outdoor areas can get uncomfortable in the summer. An outdoor fan can help your family stay comfortable when you want to get some fresh air outside.

Types of indoor fans

Indoor fans can come with 3, 4 or 5 blades. Fans with three blades can move air faster than a 4-5 blade fan. Fan sizes refer to the span of the blades. You can select the size of the fan based on the size of the room.

Up to 75 sq. ft. – 29-36 inches

76 to 144 sq. ft. – 36-42 inches

145 to 225 sq. ft. – 50-54 inches

Larger spaces – 54-60 inches.

A large fan in a small room or a small fan in a large room is not appealing. You also need to keep in mind how high the ceiling of the room is. If you have a high ceiling, consider a 3 blade fan as this will help better air circulation.

Ceiling fans with lights

There are a variety of ceiling fan designs available on the market. The fans with lights have two varieties – direct and indirect light. Ceiling lights with indirect light are better for bedrooms, living rooms or dining areas, while ceiling fans with direct light are more suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and some living rooms as well.

If you are planning to get ceiling fans installed at home or your commercial establishment, we can help you select and install what works best for you. Our helplines are open 24/7. Give us a call and our licensed electricians can visit you to help you get set up.

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