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Any time you want to change the position of your TV or move it to a different room, you have to deal with wiring that gets in the way or just looks bad. If you want to move your phone to a different place or add a few more phones in the house, but cannot do so because there are limited phone points. You would like to plug your computer into a data point for better connectivity but you are limited to one area. Our team of professionals can help you modify your network to allow for multiple TV, phone, or data points in every room and even multiple points within any room if required.

You may think this will leave your house in a mess. We assure you, our team is fully equipped to modify your network with precision and ensure every point is installed properly and works perfectly. We use high quality digital cables and ensure each point is properly tested with the latest equipment, so that you get the best image and sound quality for your TV, and efficient connectivity for your phone and data lines. They will also ensure that all wiring is concealed based on your preference and your home or work place doesn’t look bad.  We can provide installation in any type of wall you may have, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Some of the common issues faced by most of our customers with:

Phone and data points


There can be interference from different electrical devices or radios. Any device that emits radio waves or microwaves can interrupt data or WiFi signals.

Lose points and improper wiring

This is one of the most common causes for interruption in proper signal strength

Incorrect cable for required signal/speed

Frequently, when we upgrade our router, we may not upgrade the cables and wires that are most compatible with the new router. This can result in lower speeds and bad connectivity. Call a professional to ensure you are getting the required signal strength and that you have optimal connectivity.

DSL Signals

Signal frequencies from DSL lines sometimes interrupt phone connectivity on the same line.

Router points

Check if you have any dust in your router connection points, or if the connectors are firmly in place. Loose or broken connectors can interrupt signal strength.

Line splitters

If phone lines are not set up correctly it can cause interruptions in your phone or data connections. A professional can help you test each line and setup equipment to boost the signal for better connectivity.

TV outlets and antennas

Loose outlets

This can occur because of general wear and tear. Have your connections checked by a professional so that you have uninterrupted service.

Worn out cables

Some of the cables within the house or those that are outside and exposed to the elements can get damaged over time. You can have your wires inspected by a professional and they can assist you by replacing any cables where required, and test your network to get the optimal signal for your TV services.

Incorrect or damaged equipment

Any equipment that is outside the house is subject to damage due to weather. Whether rain or dust, there can be problems with connection points or instruments can get damaged.

For any of these issues, call for a team of professionals to help you fix your home network and system. Our helpline is open 24/7; you can call us and speak to one of your consultants at any time. They can provide any information you need and send a team to you whenever required.

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