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Lighting can be very important when you are setting up a new office, commercial establishment, or even renovating your home. It can improve productivity at the office, or create the right ambience at home or your commercial establishment. There are a wide range of designs and options available for any kind of lighting that is required.

For residences

Each room could have a different lighting setup based on the client’s requirements. With smart systems and technology changing, we can help automate your home lighting system, so it can be controlled wirelessly and can be completely secure. Our team of professionals can work with you to ensure you have exactly what you want and are completely satisfied with the result and comfortable in your home.

For offices an industrial buildings

In any industrial setup, proper lighting not only increases productivity, but could help reduce accidents and damage. Our team of electricians can meet you to ascertain your requirements and ensure any area where there is increased activity or heavy machinery is properly lit to provide an improved work environment for your employees.

Office lighting can be regular or standard. However for conference rooms or meeting rooms where presentations and communications are organized, there can be a wide range of options for you to consider –  dimmed, sectional, direct, indirect, semi-direct, diffused, or selectively focused lighting. We can help design the perfect lighting system for your requirements.

Some of the basic points to keep in mind when you are selecting a lighting system for your workplace:

Right quantity and quality

The quantity of lights and dispersed lighting is based on the square footage and number of employees in a specific area. To ensure each employee has the right amount of lighting, we can help design and install a lighting system suitable for your workplace.


The intensity of your lighting system should provide the right work environment for your employees. Lighting should be spread across evenly over a work surface and should avoid any shadows.


Proper design of your lighting system can ensure an even disbursement  of lighting across a work space. This will help avoid shadows or dimmer areas.


Sharp contrasts on working surfaces and work areas should be avoided for better productivity and mobility.

Commercial establishments

When it comes to commercial establishments, the options are endless. Whatever you may envision for your business, our team can help you set it up. Our team can sit with you to ascertain what you have in mind and provide you with a variety of options to choose from that would suit your business.  We can ensure all plans and timelines are met so that your business is not interrupted.

Repair and Maintenance

Our teams of experts have worked with a wide range of clients and customers. Some of the common factors that impact lighting systems are improper wiring and installation. Whether it is to meet a deadline or cut costs, some electricians rush a job to get it done quickly. At Quick Spark, our reputation for customer satisfaction is most important to us. We ensure we get the job done right the first time. If you require maintenance or repair of your lighting system, call our helpline any time. Our lines are open 24/7 and we can assist you immediately.

Our licensed electricians will conduct a thorough inspection of your lighting system and provide you with a complete assessment of any areas that require repair or preemptive alterations.

Loose or exposed wiring, improper connections, and incorrect installation can cause damage to your home or office. Always make sure you call licensed electricians to assist you with any electrical work.

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