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Electrical Upgrades That Will Make Your Office More Productive

Office buildings and space need to be well-organized to boost productivity. No matter how well your office was designed, there comes a time when it needs an electrical upgrade. An office with an old electrical system will not accommodate increased electrical demands from the tech we use today, ultimately hampering your workforce’s productivity. Businesses must …

How to Dispose Of CFL Bulbs Responsibly?

Did you know that a compact fluorescent light bulb uses about 70% less energy and lasts ten times than incandescent light? Yes, switching to CFLs, energy-efficient bulbs can cut down your energy bills. However, they contain a minute amount of mercury – posing an environmental hazard. For this reason, you shouldn’t dispose of them in your general …

How To Test A Circuit Breaker With A Multimeter?

They say, “Don’t play with the fire,” and not paying attention to the electrical faults in your home is exactly the same. The circuit breaker in your home is like the “head” of the electrical supply. A broken circuit breaker may cause electrical overload in your house. Ultimately, this overload can lead to short-circuiting and …

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