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Why Is My Breaker Box On The Outside Of My House?

Why Is My Breaker Box On The Outside Of My House?

The breaker box is responsible for connecting your home to the electricity grid – from which it diverts electrical flow into your home to different rooms and areas of your house. Are you experiencing sudden power shut downs and having a hard time finding a breaker box? Fret not: We will walk you through every step. It’s challenging when you aren’t aware that your home’s circuit box is outside the house.

Are you concerned that your breaker box might be on the exterior of the house? Read on to learn some helpful tips.

How to Locate Your Breaker Box?

Breaker boxes aren’t hard to find, as they are easily noticeable because of the metal boxes. You can find them in your garage, kitchen, laundry room, or less frequently – a hallway. However, if you have a newly built home, the breaker box is more likely outside of the house.

Are you wondering how you can locate an outside breaker box? You have to look up at the sky and try to find the service head on the roof – electricity lines connect your home to the power grid. You will notice that the panel is placed right beneath the service head – on the exterior wall of your home. Outside breaker boxes are safe, as long as they are well-maintained.

Why Is Your Breaker Box On the Outer Wall Of The House?

The majority of the people know how to turn the circuit on when it has flipped. However, some people do not realize the importance of electricity regulations and the age of the wiring – posing a fire risk.

Many people think that the breaker box should not be outside because of security reasons. Having an outside breaker box may seem alarming at first. But, if they are safeguarded against weather conditions and other security risks, having an exterior breaker makes no difference.

Instead, it has been a common practice for the last 15 years that countries are adopting an outside breaker box. What makes them stand out? It allows your local fire agency to completely shut off your home’s power in case of emergency – making a safe environment to enter.

Generally speaking, on average, the age of a house is 44 years -implying that there would be a lot of homes that need an electrical upgrade.

Pro Tip: Upgrading your electric panels or repairing the breaker box isn’t something you should do on your own. Always seek professional help such as Quick Spark.

With that, convenience and cost-efficiency are two key reasons that the breaker boxes are outside. It’s easier for the home builders to place the other breakers in the same panel with the main breaker box instead of placing sub-panels for indoor breakers.

The Takeaway

Struggling with the electricity issues? You don’t have to put your dream home at risk.  At Quick Spark, we offer premium electrical services that include inspection, breaker box repair, and replacing old electrical panels. Should you have queries, you can book your appointment with us by visiting our website https://getquickspark.com.au/ or placing a call at 1300 877 275.

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