Tag: Electrical Safety

How to Dispose Of CFL Bulbs Responsibly?

Did you know that a compact fluorescent light bulb uses about 70% less energy and lasts ten times than incandescent light? Yes, switching to CFLs, energy-efficient bulbs can cut down your energy bills. However, they contain a minute amount of mercury – posing an environmental hazard. For this reason, you shouldn’t dispose of them in your general …

Home Office Essentials – Maintaining Your Connection

Work from home has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years; in fact, it has become a necessity. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, 1/3rd of Aussies are working from their home offices, thanks to technology and fast speed internet connections. Are you one of those who are working from home planning …

My Safety Switch or Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping, What Do I Do?

A safety switch or a circuit breaker is a device that breaks an electrical circuit to protect things from harm and the risk of something serious happening. It minimizes the risk of electric fires, electric shock, injury, and death. While a tripping safety switch or a circuit breaker can be annoying, you need to keep …

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