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How to Store Light Bulbs of All Kinds

How to Store Light Bulbs of All Kinds

How frustrating is it when you are searching for something but cannot find it? You don’t know where you left it last time. This is what happens when you don’t organize things, especially useful and expensive things.

Talking about useful things, how do you keep your spare light bulbs? Well, if you have “a lot” of money, you can just “throw” them casually, and buy a new package when you need to replace a piece. On the other hand, you can store your light bulbs and reduce unnecessary expenses, which is the right thing to do.

In this article, Quick Spark has enlisted a few effective ways to store light bulbs of all kinds. Shall we begin?

Why Do You Need To Store Light Bulbs?

Light bulbs usually come in packages of multiples, and the manufacturers usually wrap them in flimsy cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes don’t have the strength to withstand jostling or weight. Light bulbs are a delicate accessory that can easily break if you don’t handle or store them carefully.

So, here is how you can store light bulbs of all kinds.

How To Store Light Bulbs- 6 Effective Ways

1- Clear Plastic Bins

Plastic storage bins are very effective in storing light bulbs, and they come in different shapes and sizes.  You can easily find them in dollar stores, big box stores, or home improvement stores. These boxes have a lot of space, and you can store a massive quantity, especially larger light bulbs. Another good thing about them is they are clear boxes, so you can easily see what is inside the box without opening it.

2- Egg Cartons

Smaller bulbs are even more delicate than larger bulbs. Therefore, storing these smaller light bulbs in egg cartons keeps them pretty safe, and you can easily find the bulb you want to use. Besides, egg cartons are something you don’t really have to buy; they come free.

3- Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is another very effective method to store light bulbs if you are storing them on a utility shelf or a drawer.

4- Ornament Boxes

Ornament boxes are a perfect solution when it comes to storing light bulbs. Ornaments are delicate and made of glass. That means ornament boxes are designed in such a way to keep these things safe. Ornament boxes are specifically helpful in keeping fluorescent bulbs safe because the chances of bulbs knocking each other are minimised.

5- Tissue Paper Or Newspaper

Although this may be the oldest and simplest method, it is still very effective in storing any type of light bulb. You can simply wrap each bulb individually and put them in a box or container. However, make sure that you don’t place anything heavy on that box/container.

6- Empty Wrapper Tubes

The leftover roll of toilet paper or tissue paper is an ultra-effective way of storing fluorescent bulbs. You can simply place the bulbs in these rolls without even wrapping them. Besides, you can store them in a large quantity without worrying about the damage.


Always store the light bulbs in a cold, dry place because hot or humid weather is not suitable for them.

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