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Why Should an Electrician Repair a Loose Electrical Outlet Box?

Why Should an Electrician Repair a Loose Electrical Outlet Box?

The electrical outlets of your home are called outlet boxes and are attached to a wall stud. The screws of the outlet boxes become loose over time. Are you trying to put an electrical cord in the plug but it feels like the whole thing will come out? You are probably dealing with a loose electrical outlet box.

Someone who is DIY-savvy would love to jump on the opportunity and try to fix the issue. However, handling a loose electrical box isn’t just about tightening the screws; instead, it requires replacing the outlet box or resizing the holes in the wall stud. That’s why it is crucial to get help from professionals such as Quick Spark.

Here is what you need to know before moving ahead with the best possible decision.

Why Is It Important To Fix a Loose Electrical Outlet?

Loose electrical outlets tend to leave power cables cords vulnerable to deterioration; because the wires might be rubbing against anything inside the drywall. This will result in heat build-up, causing issues in the wiring, and may end up putting your dream home at risk of an electrical fire.

Watch Out for Warning Signs

Following are some of the red flags that you should never ignore:

  • The electrical outlet box is coming out of the wall whenever you try to plug the power cord.
  • There is a crack on the faceplate, and it keeps moving around.
  • The faceplate isn’t staying flat against the drywall.

If it’s something that you have recently encountered, replacing the old outlet box will do the job. However, if it’s something that has been going on for quite a time, your power cords are to be held responsible. In turn, this poses hidden risks that can lurk within your home.

What Potential Damage Can A Loose Outlet Box Cause?

Struggling with loose electrical outlets can be a real annoyance, and we often tend to ignore it. But, leaving the issue without fixing it leads to life-threatening situations, such as:

1. Electrocution

Electric shock is one of the persistent threats of a loose outlet box. If you receive an electric shock  when plugging out or plugging in a power cord, get it fixed promptly.

2. Cord Damage

If plugging in the cord takes a lot of force, the chances are that it will take the same amount of pressure to remove it from the outlet. These bad wiring connections will render the power cord ineffective.

There is a high probability that the cords might get stuck within the loose outlets – posing an electrical hazard. Moreover, if you attempt to remove the wires without specific equipment, you are putting your life at risk.

3. Inconsistent Charging

If the devices are not charging consistently, then there is a problem with the power flow. This means that loose outlet boxes provide an irregular power supply. It can further lead to damaged batteries and electronic devices.

The Takeaway

Do you have loose electrical outlet boxes in your home? Fret not: Now, you don’t have to put your electrical needs aside. You can get help from the team at Quick Spark. We have professional electricians that will take care of your electrical needs. You can book your appointment with us by visiting our website https://getquickspark.com.au/ or placing a call at 1300 877 275.

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