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Top remodeling electrical tips

Top remodeling electrical tips

When performing electrical upgrades, or looking to remodel, the less you need to change, the better. The less you can tamper with the existing fixtures and wiring, the better it is. If something is unsafe or poorly wired, then you should replace it. Streamlining the process by making use of existing outlets and light fixtures will reduce your costs. But, we always suggest that it is always advisable to consult with an electrician first..

The following tips can help your remodeling process.

1. Electrical wiring runs inside the walls and can be reached from the room on either side. So if you need to add an outlet to a room that has insufficient  outlets, make sure to check the opposite side of the wall. If there’s a light switch nearby, you can cut a hole in the wall behind the outlet box to access and tap into the circuit. Just make sure you are aware of what circuit you’re tapping into, and avoid exceeding its safe load limit by adding a new outlet.

2: Sometimes ceiling lights aren’t where you want or expect them to be. It is worth remembering that  you can add a new ceiling light without adding more wire or starting a new circuit. Most attics have electrical spaces that often have some extra room for movement. You can increase this by disengaging a few of the staples that fasten and secure the electrical cable to the framing. Ensure that you refasten the cable with staples after you’ve moved the fixture.

3: Being an amateur in electrical works is not uncommon. Small jobs like adding an outlet, isn’t something that you need a permit to do. However, for more major and intensive electrical work, like adding new circuits or installing a subpanel, you will require a permit. And permits require you to engage the services of a licensed electrician.

However, in some areas, homeowners are legally allowed to do their own electrical work and it is  fully permitted and can be approved. The requirement for this is a ​homeowner’s electrical exam. It’s not standard everywhere but is available in some places. You have to study for the test and pay the nominal fee. The test consists of 10 to 20 questions, usually at the permit office. If you’re qualified to do the work yourself, you’ll save the costs of hiring an electrician and you can get the work done yourself without wasting time or money.

4. Electrical boxes that are covered up and fully painted are easily missed. They become such a common presence that they are barely noticed. They usually have live power in them; hence the reason for the cover. A cover that encloses and remains reachable is necessary for all the boxes that contain wiring. The best way to handle this is to remove the cover and test the wiring for voltage. These detect voltage through wire insulation, so you can avoid the risk of touching it with your bare hands.

Hope these tips come in handy for you and happy maintenance! You can also visit the website https://getquickspark.com.au/ for more info. If you are in need of a 24 hr emergency electrician, you can contact us at https://getquickspark.com.au/emergency-services/.

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