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Tips for Saving on Your Holiday Heating and Electricity Bills

Tips for Saving on Your Holiday Heating and Electricity Bills

The holidays are on their way, that means you’ll be using more electricity and more heating and getting a bigger electricity bill. This means your holiday bills may go up as much as  $200-$300 on average per household, depending on the number of late-night festivities, holiday decorations, house guests – and so on!

However, that doesn’t have to happen if you follow these helpful hints for cutting down on your power usage during this busy time. According to the EIA [U.S Energy Information Administration], winter in America is that country’s second-highest season for energy consumption, with the only summer being higher.

The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends but can put an added strain on the household budget. Don’t let this problem get you down! You have plenty of energy-saving tips for reducing your electrical energy bill without giving up all your favorite holiday traditions (like making batches of yummy cookies!).

Buy power strips

The power strip is your ally in the fight against high electricity energy bills. Using a power strip for various appliances, electronics, and lights, you can quickly turn them all off with just one click on an automated timer to conserve energy. You can even save money by turning it off before leaving home for work, or during long weekends away, so that nothing is running while you’re gone. There are also options to set up automatic timers if there’s anything else plugged into your outlets at night; because we don’t want any unnecessary things drawing electricity and draining our resources.

Start using a smart thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you can save on your energy bill without sacrificing comfort. A programmable thermostat can fine-tune and optimize when your furnace runs by switching back from low heat while sleeping or at work, and to warmer settings just before your return. Using this technology saves money for those who want more control over their heating costs and how warmly they live in the winter months.

Check your heating system every year

Schedule a heating system check-up early each winter to ensure that your furnace is clean and ready for a cold snap. An annual service inspection can find problems before they become inconvenient, uncomfortable, or an expensive breakdown during the fall/winter season. Regular inspections will increase the lifespan of your equipment – which may lower thermostat costs in colder months because servicing helps it run at maximum efficiency.

Don’t block  the air vents.

Blocked vents are a common problem that can lead to costly heating repairs. That’s why it’s essential to clear your vent system of furniture and drapes, so they’re not blocking the heat from escaping into every room in your home, rather than just one or two rooms. If you notice increased airflow coming out of an outlet by one wall, but nothing is happening on the other side, then something may be obstructing airflow there, too!

You don’t want items, such as chairs, blocking air flow because this will create pressure for cracks or leaks around ductwork to occur – which could end up costing hundreds, if not thousands over time with expensive repair work needed.

Fix the temperature of your water heater

If you’re living with a low-efficiency water heater, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Today’s energy-efficient hot water heaters could save your household some serious money in the long run and they typically pay for themselves within two years!

To get started, set your temperature at 120 degrees and insulate around the tank. You’ll notice that running costs will go down significantly – saving more than just dollars on heating bills, and also preserving natural resources by using less electricity or gas during those cold winter months when we use our systems most often.


Winter is a time of year where people will need to make some changes to stay comfortable. Whether you live in the north or south, there are ways that you can save on electricity and still keep your home warm during these cold months. The winter can be a frustrating time, especially when it comes to heating bills. But there are so many small ways you can save money this year! For example, make sure your air conditioning is in good condition and schedule an appointment with our expert electricians to help save more cash on home heating costs.

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