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Steps to Take Before Calling an Emergency Electrician

Steps to Take Before Calling an Emergency Electrician

In the modern era, living without electricity is just like a horror dream which no one wants to experience. Though important, electricity can prove fatal for people -especially those who have ignored the safety standards. Fires, electrocution, sparks, shocks, short circuits, and multiple other reasons have caused fatalities and injuries in addition to billions of dollars of property damage. 

From electric cars to electricity-supported smart homes – everything has a dependence on electricity. That’s why the number of emergencies is also increasing at an exponential rate. Due to the technical nature of the issue, you can’t deal with electricity emergencies independently, as it may result in severe damage. 

So, expert electricians are mandatory to deal with electrical emergencies. But there are a few things that need to be done on an immediate basis for the safety of your household. 

Determine the Cause of Electrical Emergency 

The first thing is to determine the root cause of an electrical emergency so you can plan accordingly. 

For instance, if a fire erupts, there can be multiple reasons behind it. It can be either a short circuit, burning of wood, or even oil can be the source behind it. So, if you throw water over the wood fire, it would turn it off. On the other hand, if you do the same with an oil fire, it would further exaggerate it and enhance the scale of devastation. 

Here are scenarios where it is useful to have some ways to respond:

Power Lines Fall Off

Due to unpredictable weather in Australia, anything can happen without much warning. If something bad happens like the power lines fall off, the smartest move will be:

  • Move away from the fallen power lines- at least 40 meters 
  • Call the emergency helpline
  • Never touch any conductive material as it may house some electric current 
  • Don’t touch power lines and keep others away from touching it

Electrical Fire

Electrical problems alone account for 25 per cent of house fires. If an electrical fire erupts, then don’t waste a moment and follow these instructions for the ensured safety of you and your family:

  • Call the emergency assistance service on 000
  • If safe, unplug the appliance causing the fire but be cautious as it may cause severe issues 
  • If the magnitude of fire is small, then use the fire extinguisher to put it out immediately 
  • Turn off the mains switch in the switch box while evacuating the area

Electric Shock 

This is one of the main electrical emergencies that require an immediate response from the responders. A few moments can lead to severe complications and even loss of previous life. So, be cautious and follow these guidelines to get familiar with it:

  • Cut the power supply by turning it off from the switch box
  • Call the local emergency centre immediately 
  • Once power is cut off, provide medical assistance and first aid to the concerned person 

The Bottom Line

Once the emergency is over and chances of any potential damage have been removed, call the electrician for further consultation. Usually, faulty wiring or a compromised electrical system is the reason behind such an emergency. So, it needs immediate electrical repair. Otherwise, these emergencies might repeat themselves.

If you need any electrical service, our expert electricians are always available for your assistance. In case of emergencies, we offer 24/7 same-day service in all the major cities of Australia. For emergencies, you can contact us at 1300 877 275.  

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