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My Safety Switch or Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping, What Do I Do?

My Safety Switch or Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping, What Do I Do?

A safety switch or a circuit breaker is a device that breaks an electrical circuit to protect things from harm and the risk of something serious happening. It minimizes the risk of electric fires, electric shock, injury, and death. While a tripping safety switch or a circuit breaker can be annoying, you need to keep in mind that it is doing the job it was made for.

Before calling in an electrician to deal with your safety switch, you should know whether an electrical repair or an electrical service is required.

What happens when your safety switch trips?

Instead of panicking and calling an electrician for electrical service, you should be aware of some basics. If your power has suddenly gone out, then it means that your safety switch has tripped. You can check the circuit box to see if the switch has turned off or not. There are some new systems these days that only turn off halfway, so ensure that a proper examination is done for the electrical repair. There could be multiple reasons why your circuit breaker tripped, so let’s get to that.

Why did your circuit breaker trip?

There are multiple reasons why your safety switch tripped. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below:

  • A temporary electrical fault – no need to call an electrician as it can be easily fixed.
  • Heavy rainfall and power breakdown – you need to immediately seek electrical service.
  • Damaged or worn-out wiring that isn’t reliable anymore – an electrical repair is recommended.
  • A faulty switch – no need to worry, it will go away on its own.
  • Thunderstorms and lighting – can be triggered no need to fix as it will resolve itself.

What to do when your circuit breaker trips?

1. Turn off all lights

As soon as your circuit breaker trips without wasting any time, you should turn off all lights and appliances. Call your electrician for advice, and do not panic. There is no need for an electrical service unless another problem occurs. Try resetting your safety switch to see if it works properly.

2. Re-check your safety switch

Modern safety switches these days are a little different. You don’t need an electrical repair for them as you can manage them easily. Check if the switch is completely turned off and is out of any danger.

How about a safety switch test?

It is recommended that as a part of an electrical service you should check the switch at least once a month. Check everything, including the wiring and other components, so that you can feel safe in your house.

If you aren’t aware of how the electrical repair department works, then you can call in a professional and skilled electrician to help you out. We at Quick Spark provide skilled technicians at your doorstep 24/7 to install, repair, and service whatever you want. What are you waiting for now?

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