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My Electric Oven is Not Heating, Why?

My Electric Oven is Not Heating, Why?

Discovering that you have a faulty machine or equipment can put a serious damper to anything you’re doing. Which is why cooking with an oven that doesn’t heat properly, or stops working midway, can ruin an otherwise enjoyable experience of cooking.

So, when something does go wrong, it is important to understand the root of the problem before you call an electric oven repair service or do the electrical repair yourself. Here are some steps to help you check what the probable reasons for the faulty electrical oven may be.

Check the Breaker

Electrical ovens pull a lot of energy for cooking and baking, which often translates to increased voltage sensitivity in the machines. Even something as simple as a power surge can cause the electric oven breaker to trip. Now, before you call an electrical oven service technician, try to locate your home’s service panel and look for the breaker labeled “oven”.

You can see the breaker has tripped if the switch is midway between the “on” and “off” options. Reset the breaker by pushing the switch to “off” and then “on”. If you’re unsure about your service panel, you can call your building’s electrical servicer to help you. But if the breaker trips again, this is enough electric oven troubleshooting from you; it is time to call an electric oven repair service.

Check the Heating Elements

One key step to electric oven troubleshooting is checking if the heating elements are working fine. Having a faulty heating element is a common problem with electric ovens. Start by understanding the system – the electric ovens contain two heating elements for the purpose of baking at the top and one heating element for grilling at the bottom. A functioning element will go bright red; if it doesn’t, then you know where the problem lies.

Simply call a professional electrical oven service like Quick Spark to resolve any problem with your electric ovens. They can efficiently test the wires of the heating element to identify faults and make replacements of the heating elements where necessary.

Is the Temperature Sensor or Bulb Out?

You might just be facing one of the most basic problems that might not even require an electrician to come to look at your oven.  Most electric ovens carry sensors to monitor the temperature. A defective oven sensor may result in the oven not heating correctly. But before you call an electrical oven servicer to do that, just check the wiring to make sure they are not loose or disconnected.

Often, electric ovens have a bulb for temperature sensing and controlling. If the bulb doesn’t light up, make sure the bulb itself isn’t loose or burnt out before you call an electrical service.

If your electric oven troubleshooting efforts are in vain, and you’ve tried your best at all possible electrical repairs, it is time to call an electrician or an electric oven repair service like Quick Spark to help you diagnose the problem and do the necessary repairs.

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