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How to Troubleshoot Fluorescent Lights

How to Troubleshoot Fluorescent Lights

People have been using fluorescent lights for a very long time now. Wherever you go, you can find at least one fluorescent light operating because of how effective and long-lasting they are. Although this might be true, they can also be a significant hassle in terms of repairing. Here at Quick Spark, we understand your concerns, and that is why we’re here to let you know how to troubleshoot your fluorescent lights. If you need a hand, though, we’re just a call away!

The ballast

One of the most common problems that fluorescent lights face is problems with the ballast. Sadly, they’re pretty expensive to replace, so learning to fix them would help you out a great deal. 

The ballast is the heart and brain of the fluorescent fixtures. It ensures that only a limited amount of light comes out by regulating the current that runs through the tubes. When the lights start to flicker, you can assume that there’s a problem with the ballast. To fix this, you will need to replace the ballast with a new working unit.  

The first thing you’ll have to do is turn off the power at the main circuit breaker. After this, press lightly on both sides of the diffuser to remove it. Remove the tubes to get to the metal cover plate, which you will have to detach next. Then, disconnect the sockets attached to the end of the tubes to reach the wires. If they’re directly connected to the ballast, disconnect them. You can now take out the old ballast and replace it with a new one. It’s time to reassemble the fixture, and you’re done!

The fluorescent tubes

Sometimes fixing fluorescent tubes is very easy because you have to shake the tube a little bit, and it will start to work. However, if you notice the tube getting a little darker in the ends, it could mean that it’s either defective or close to failure. The best thing to do in this situation is to replace the tube with a fresh one. Make sure to test the tube with a working fixture before returning it, though, so that you can be sure that the tube is the main problem.

The starters

The starters are the grey metallic cylinders that transmit the current from the ballast to the socket. Many modern lights don’t have them, but if yours do, then it’s essential to replace them from time to time. This is relatively quick and easy to do because they twist in and out. Take your starter out and find a suitable replacement. Then insert it back into its place and turn it into position.

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