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How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Broken

How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Broken

It is easy for you to take light switches for granted and forget about their electrical aspect, as they are used multiple times a day. Imagine that you just watched a creepy movie, and as soon as you turn on the light switch inside your bathroom, nothing happens! The light just fails to turn on. Wouldn’t you be petrified in a moment like this?

If you want to ensure electrical repair, read on to learn how to deal with broken switches, and when an electrician is required.

1. Flickering lights

We all have that one bulb in some corner of our house, which is always unpredictable. It seems like the bulb has a mood of its own. Sometimes it turns on immediately, and sometimes it takes a while. How many times have you thought of getting an electrical repair and calling an electrician but then forgetting about it? Mostly, replacing the holder with a new bulb doesn’t help because the problem is with the switch itself. Why don’t you seek an electrical service before things become unsafe and you are unable to do anything?

2. High switch temperature

You might be thinking to yourself, “Who bothers to check the temperature of a switch, and why should I? The electrician himself probably doesn’t check it”.

Before calling in an electrical service, inspect the switch and place your hands on it.  If the switch is hotter than usual, then it means that it’s a defective switch that needs to be taken care of. During the electrical repair, you will find out that a light switch should never be too hot or warm, and it is an immediate warning sign. A hot switch usually indicates loose wiring and can cause serious problems, including short circuits.

3. Noisy switch

Noises can be very annoying in the middle of the night, so if you have a noisy light switch, you will detect the noise immediately. Noisy switches can make different sounds such as popping, buzzing, or sizzling. Generally these noises are a warning for a defective or worn-out switch. If you haven’t got an electrical service or electrical repair done, then an electrician will help you out. Noisy switches need to be replaced as they can’t be repaired. There’s no need to worry as switches are inexpensive and it won’t be a burden for you.

Want to get a switch replacement?

If you feel that one of the above-mentioned reasons is why you have a bad light switch, then don’t delay your electrical repair. Delaying the replacement of a bad light switch can cause serious problems to your electrical system. Call in an electrician as soon as possible to take care of the electrical service.

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