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How Do You Know If A Circuit Breaker Is Bad?

How Do You Know If A Circuit Breaker Is Bad?

Like any other electrical device, a circuit breaker can become defective. The reason for circuit breaker failure could be anything, from a short circuit to an overloaded circuit. Circuit breakers play an important role in any house. Having circuit breakers installed on the circuit will give you peace of mind. They can protect your home appliances in the case of electrical surges. As the name suggests, a breaker tends to control the circuit. It protects your property from electrical fires or faults.

For this reason, you should be able to determine whether or not your circuit breaker has gone bad. There are some things you can do to identify circuit breaker problems. However, hiring a professional electrician can help fix the problem more quickly. Here are a few steps you can do to determine if your circuit breaker is broken.

Step # 1 – Identify the circuit

A breaker protects a certain circuit. You may have installed several breakers for multiple circuits. If there is any problem with a breaker, determine which circuit it is protecting. You will, of course, need to check your electrical panel in order to identify the circuit. In the electrical panel, you can check the label or a diagram to know for which circuit your breaker is installed. Moreover, make sure to label the breakers yourself if there is no label or diagram.

Step # 2 – Unplug electrical devices

Have you identified the circuit? If there is a broken breaker, chances are that it has been tripped by now. All you need is to make sure the circuit breaker is in the OFF state. After that, unplug all your electrical devices from that circuit. Doing this means you can keep your property safe by eliminating the risk of any electrical problem or power surge.

Step # 3 – Reset your breaker

After unplugging your electrical appliances, reset the circuit breaker. In other words, switch your circuit breaker ON. Remember, you should hear a click sound when switching your breaker from OFF state to ON state. If there is no sound, it may be an electrical fault.

If the breaker doesn’t trip, you will have peace of mind. In this case, the problem might be due to an overloaded circuit. All you need is to make sure to use some appliances on a different circuit. However, if the breaker trips again, there is a need for electrical repair. An experienced electrician can inspect your circuit breaker and fix the issue.

Contact A Professional Electrician To Get Your Circuit Breaker Inspected

If the circuit breaker is tripping again, look for a reliable electrical service to fix the issue as soon as possible. At Quick Air, our expert electricians can find out the electrical problem and restore the electricity in your home. We have certified professionals who have expertise in dealing with electrical work. We can inspect whether or not you have a bad circuit. If there is a bad circuit, we can provide a cost-effective solution.

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