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An Important Guide to Consider If You Are Thinking of Rewiring

An Important Guide to Consider If You Are Thinking of Rewiring

According to new research, more Australians die in residential fires than all other natural disasters combined. Unsafe and faulty electric connections not only pose fire hazards, but may result in life-threatening injuries. Therefore, keeping an eye on the condition and age of the electrical system helps in catching potential issues before they become hazardous.

Quick Spark has listed some of the signs that it may be a good time to rewire your home.

1- Lights May Flicker

Lighting circuits are often the first to show signs of why rewiring is important; because they have a lower rating as compared to outlet circuits.

Flickering lights can sometimes be a sign that things aren’t quite right. Lights can go dim or glint if the bulb is not attached or needs replacement. However, in rare circumstances, the issue could be more serious, coming from defective wiring — especially if lights are flashing all throughout your house.

2- Electrical Shocks

Electric shocks are always awful indicators. If you experience any discomfort when plugging something into an outlet, you may have a problem that requires the attention of a professional circuit repairing service; such as Quick Spark, who specialize in diagnostics, which entails determining and correcting the source of electrical issues.

3- Outlet Issues

Switches and outlets turning black or brown can be a sign of a loose connection – resulting in an electric arc. It’s possible that the discolouration is accompanied by a burning smell. In such circumstances, you should immediately switch off/cut off the electricity supply and seek professional help.

4- Persistent Tripping of Circuit Breakers

They usually trip as a safety measure, to prevent overheating, by shutting down the supply of power – when the circuit exceeds the capacity amperage it can cope with. Moreover, frequent tripping of the circuit breaker could indicate a problem with certain appliances.

With that, persistent tripping of the breaker may indicate a significant problem and sign that your home needs rewiring.

5- Hanging Sockets

It’s risky if one or two wall sockets are hanging off the wall – exposing the cables beneath them, especially if you have kids in the house. You should seek professional help to repair the socket and thoroughly inspect the entire system.

What Are the Benefits of Rewiring?

Safety is your top priority but, there are also various functional advantages to replacing your home’s electrical wires/cables. Some of the top perks of rewiring your home include:

  • It improves the energy efficiency of your home.
  • It lowers the risk of an electrical fire.
  • Increases the value of your home.
  • Makes sure your electrics are up to date with compliance.

Let’s Work on Rewiring Your Home

Power is hazardous – avoid putting your life in the hands of an unlicensed electrical engineer. It is critical for your business or house to have the most efficient electrical connection possible.

Thinking about rewiring your home? You can always call for consultation or book your appointment with us at https://getquickspark.com.au/, and take the first step toward a house that is safer and more energy-efficient.

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