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7 Steps To Electrical Fault Finding

7 Steps To Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical fault finding can be very dangerous, stressful and time-consuming. If you have circuit breakers installed, they will trip as soon as there is an electrical fault. As a result, these breakers can keep your electrical appliances safe and sound.

All you need is to identify the cause of the fault in order to restore electricity throughout your home or office. Follow the below seven steps for electrical fault troubleshooting.

Step # 1 – Turn your circuit breakers off

Wondering what causes your entire house to lose power? It’s likely that the main switch has been tripped. However, the circuit breakers are probably still ON. For this reason, you must turn all the circuit breakers off for extra safety. You can simply turn off the circuit breakers without any problem.

Step # 2 – Turn on your main switch

As discussed in the first step, your main safety switch may have been tripped. Once you’ve turned off all the circuit breakers, it’s time to turn on your main switch. After doing this, the main switch has an electrical supply. But, your home or electrical appliances will not work because the circuit breakers are still off.

Step # 3 – Turn on circuit breakers (one by one)

Now, you need to turn on each circuit breaker. Most importantly, make sure to switch them ON one by one. It will help you better diagnose the problem.

Step # 4 – Identify the fault

You can identify the fault by turning on circuit breakers one by one. For instance, if you turn on the circuit breaker installed for the kitchen area and it remains in an ON state, there is no fault here. If you turn on the backyard’s circuit breaker and it trips again, there is a fault you need to diagnose.

Step # 5 – Turn off switches

In step 4, you’ve identified the faulty circuit by turning circuit breakers ON individually. In this step, you need to turn all the circuit breakers OFF again.

Step # 6 – Restore the power except for the faulty one

If you want to restore the electricity in your home, you can turn on the main switch and circuit breakers again. However, do not switch on the faulty circuit breaker. As a result, you can restore the power supply to your home except for the faulty circuit.

Step # 7 – Call an experienced electrician

You need to fix the faulty circuit as soon as possible. A professional electrician can help fix the problem once the fault is identified. Do not switch the faulty circuit breaker ON until the problem is resolved.

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