The Reasons Why Your Electric Stove is Smoking

Have you noticed that your electric stove emits smoke when you turn it on? If yes, then it could be as a result of multiple issues. The good thing is that the majority of issues that results in smoke emission are not that serious and can be fixed first at home by making a few adjustments. Smoke from the stove not only ruin the taste of the food, but it is also harmful to your health. It, therefore, needs to be fixed first. In this article, we are going to tell you why your electrical stove is smoking and how to fix it.

1. The stove is still new

If it is your first time to use your newly purchased electric stove, then chances are that it may emit smoke. However, that does not mean that it is faulty. The fact that the stove has never been used before means that it still has some coatings on the burner. When you turn the stove on for the first time, these coatings will be burned off and the process release smoke. Most of the manufacturers usually advise their customers to let the stove to operate for at least 10 minutes to burn the coatings before they start using it.

2. Dirty burner

Your electric stove may also emit smoke because of dirty burners. For instance, if the burner has food residue or grease, then it may release smoke when the stove is turned on. Sometimes the dirt may not be visible. To fix this, you need to ensure that the burner is thoroughly cleaned. Disconnect the stove from the power, detach the burner from the stove then clean it thoroughly. This problem is also common if the stove has not been used for a long period of time.

3. Faulty burner

A faulty burner may also emit smoke. There are many things that may cause the burner to break down. Some of them include old age and poor maintenance. If you confirm that the smoke is released because the burner is faulty, then the only solution is to have it replaced. Don’t replace the faulty burner by yourself, instead, call your local electric stove repair to come and fix it.

4. Faulty heating elements

Faulty heating elements usually emit smoke before they fail. Therefore, if smoke is not emanating from the burner, then it may be coming from the heating elements. Switch off the stove then check heating elements on the back of the stove to see if they are still in good shape. You realize that the heating elements are not glowing when you turn the stove on, then that means that they are faulty and needs to be replaced. It is not wise to fix faulty heating elements by yourself. Call a reputable electric stove service immediately to fix the problem.
electric stove repair

If your electric stove is smoking, you need to check it immediately to see the source of the smoke. If the problem is as a result of grease, coat or food residue, then a simple cleaning will fix the problem. However, if the smoke is a result of faulty components, then you need to call a reputable electrical repair service to come and fix the problem. Don’t fix a complex problem on your own. You may end up harming yourself or even create more problems that will cost you even more to fix. Just call Quick Spark electrical services, we will fix it.


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