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How to Protect Your Home with Security Lighting

How to Protect Your Home with Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only helps to add beauty to your home but it also helps to enhance your home security. A recent survey showed that homes that have security lighting are less likely to be attacked by thieves than those that don’t. Home security helps to minimize hiding spots of intruders. The fact that intruders can be detected easily discourages them from targeting your home. Unlike other forms of lighting, security lighting is designed with the sole purpose of securing your home. Most of them are equipped with exclusive security features that aim to detect burglars. So do you want to install security lighting in your home but you don’t know how to go about it? If yes, then below are tips on how to Protect Your Home with Security Lighting.

1. Keep your security lights beyond the reach

Security lighting can only protect your home if you protect them. Ensure that your homes security lighting is installed high enough with mesh wire or clear plastic cover enclosing them. Remember that intruders will first target your home security lighting. Putting the light within their reach will give them powers to control them. Experts recommend that your security lights should be at least 8 feet from the ground or along the roof line. If your security lighting is beyond reach, then you will eliminate the likelihood of intruders breaking the light.

2. Keep security lights on

Some people are fond of switching off security lights when they are not at home. If that is the case with you then you are making a huge mistake. The main function of security lighting is to detect trespassers and possibly raise alarm. If they are switch off, then they cannot protect your home. Security light also creates an impression that there is someone in the house even when there is no one around. Remember that thieves are very keen and always know when a house is not occupied. When you keep security light on even when you are not at home, then you will create an impression that someone is present and that will keep trespassers at bay.

3. Install motion detector security lighting

Motion detector security lights can boost your home security even further. If installed strategically at various points, they can help deter crime. Motion detector security lights are highly recommended for people who also want to save energy. They only turn on when they detect motion. Motion detector security lights are highly preferred by many because they usually catch intruders off-guard.

4. Install more lights

Many homeowners usually prefer to install one or two bright security lights. However, that is not a wise move. One or two bright security lights will not protect your home effectively especially if you have a large yard. Any reputable electrician will advise you to install more security lights than installing one or two bright light. Installing multiple lights will help to eliminate dark spots around your home. The more dark spots you have around your home, the easier it will be for burglars to hide. To prevent this, then you should install more lights rather than just one or two bright ones.

In conclusion, security lighting can help protect your home from thieves. However, if you want to get the best results from this lighting, then you need to ensure that they are installed by an experienced electrician. We have a team of experienced electricians who can install quality security lighting for your home. We also offer electrical repair services. Call us today and let the experts handle your home security lighting.

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