5 Benefits Of Rewiring Your Home

There are many benefits to having your home rewired, with the only real downside being the potential time and cost. Here we will look at some of the positive points to rewiring your home.


It is crucial for the safety of yourself, your home and family that you have the wiring and earthing assessed by a professional licensed electrician in order to guarantee that it is up to date and complies with Australian Standards.
The majority of older homes in Australia have an obsolete style of cabling with fabric sheathed wiring surrounded by black steel conduit. If this style of cabling is worked on, moved or otherwise disturbed it may become dangerous and cause fuses to blow. Old wiring does deteriorate over time and this can cause fires if not replaced. Rewiring your home means that appliances, devices, family members and the entire structure of the home will be better protected from electrical issues that can lead to shocking and fires.
The safety of new, properly enclosed wiring also means that you can consider energy efficiency projects like insulating the attic without the risks caused by exposed or defective wires.

2.Service Capacity

In basic terms, older homes were not built to cope with the electrical demands of modern technology. Most of the homes built prior to 1960 only have a 60-amp service, while modern homes are built with a minimum 100-amp service. Sixty amp service is generally not ideal for safety and usability – particularly if air conditioning and major electrical appliances are in regular use. Some insurance companies will not even insure homes with 60-amp service and some that do will demand a higher premium. You should upgrade to at least 100-amp service, but you may also want to consider 150 or 200amps depending on your usage and devices. A professional licensed electrician will be able to educate you on the optimal capacity for your home.

3.Separate Circuits

A major benefit in home rewiring is that it allows you to create separate circuits for some of the paramount elements of your home – such as hot water heaters, your deep freezer or your security alarm system. This means that these important elements will be protected when less important appliances trip on their own switches. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing holiday to discover all your deep frozen food has gone bad due to a minor power issue!


Home rewiring is the best time to consider customising your living spaces for your comfort and convenience. Little things can make a big difference – another outlet next to the bedside table, light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs, motion sensor lighting and dimmer switches can be all you need to transform your everyday living.


If you ever want to sell your home for a good market price, it is crucial to have modern, up-to-date wiring. This is one of the main questions asked by potential buyers. Some of the things mentioned above can also add to the home’s overall appeal and value – such as trustworthy circuits for security systems, dimmable lighting and motion sensor lighting. Aside from this, you should also ensure the home’s safety for its future occupants. Don’t wait for your wiring to become a problem – think ahead and upgrade your wiring sooner rather than later.

Reshma Anik

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