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An oven and stove cooktop is at the heart of any kitchen. Whether you’re having guests over or it is just everyday cooking, dealing with an oven and stove cooktop that isn’t working properly is very frustrating. A fully functioning kitchen is a must, at all times.

While gas stoves are more common, a lot of people have transitioned to electric stoves for their convenience and functionality. Since they don’t require a gas connection, installation is as easy as any other appliance, the temperature settings provide more accurate cooking temperatures, and  the variety of options gives the user a more convenient cooking experience.

However, with any appliance, there are things that can go wrong. Some of the common electrical problems that consumers face with oven and stove tops are:

Coils don’t heat

Some electrical cooktops come with electric coils for heating. These coils can get dirty and need to be removed when cleaning your stove. If they aren’t attached properly, they could wind up not working. Try attaching it again and check to see if it works. If it doesn’t, call a technician to help you fix the problem.

Temperature adjustment not working

One of the biggest advantages of an electric stove top is temperature control. When this stops working correctly, it could undercook, overcook or even burn your food. This issue could be because of a faulty control panel, or due to a connection issue between the electronic panel and the stove top. This isn’t a problem you should try to fix yourself; an emergency technician can help you resolve this issue immediately.

Indicator lights not working

There are various indicator lights on an electric stove top to give you information. When these aren’t working, it is hard to gauge what’s going on. All the indicator lights are connected to the main panel through a control switch. In this case, there could be a problem with the control switch. An emergency technician should help you fix this, as it requires opening up the console.

Damaged electrical coils

Just like gas stove tops, electrical coils are subject to spillage and grime. This can cause damage to the coil the next time it is used. You can replace the coils but make sure you check the size, make, model etc. The newer electric stove tops don’t suffer as much damage; because, they are easier to clean, and there is less wear and tear.


If you see sparks while igniting your electrical stove or while cooking; stop. Call a technician immediately. There could be problems with the coil or power supply to the stove.

Stove top won’t turn on

As we hear from every customer care executive, check to see if it is plugged in, try turning it off and on again. So give it a shot. If it is plugged in properly and isn’t working, check if the power point is working. If it is, there could be a problem with the electrical connection to the control panel. You could call the company, but they may not get there soon enough. Quick Spark emergency electricians can be there quickly to assist you.

The oven doesn’t heat

If your oven isn’t heating, it could be a faulty element or a bad connection. Call a technician to help you with this. When it comes to the panel and heating element, you need to be careful.

The interior light isn’t working

This is not a major issue, if you are good with basic tools you could fix this yourself. Turn off and unplug the appliance. Unscrew the lamp cover, remove the bulb using a cloth, put a new bulb in and put the cover back on. If that still doesn’t work, it could be a more complicated problem best left to a licensed technician.

Our Quick Spark technicians have experience with a wide range of residential electrical appliances. They can assist you with any issue. Call Quick Spark now for emergency assistance with your oven and stove top.

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