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We all depend on our HVAC units to heat or cool our homes during the year. It can be very uncomfortable and frustrating when they don’t work properly, or stop working altogether. Fixing some of these issues can be simple enough to do it yourself, however if the issue is more complicated, a professional can help you resolve the problem..

Some of the common issues with HVAC systems are:


There are different kinds of thermostats with different systems. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a malfunctioning thermostat. This could be because of digital settings or even the battery. Try and see if you can resolve the issue by changing the battery, or checking the user manual. If this doesn’t work, call for a professional to help you.

Clogged filters

The air filter is there to ensure no dust or other particles go into the system and cause damage. This however can cause buildup and clog the air filter. When this happens the air flow to the unit is interrupted causing inefficient cooling or heating.

Improper  maintenance

It is important to have your system serviced regularly by licensed professionals. If dirt builds up in the air vents, over time it could strain the system making it work harder to achieve the desired temperature. These systems can cost a bit, and it is important to have them serviced every season to ensure you have a more efficient system and that you can extend the lifespan of the unit.

Water leakage

Whichever system you have for heating or cooling there is a mechanism to drain any condensation that collects while the system is running. If the pipes for drainage aren’t clear, the water that accumulates flows into the unit. This could cause a lot of damage and could be even worse if it reaches any electrical connectors. Check the pipes for leakage; this can be avoided with periodical servicing.

Evaporator and condenser coils

These coils need to be clean and dust free for the system to work effectively. You can dust parts of the machine that are visible. But when it is serviced it will be cleaned thoroughly for more efficient performance.

Tripped breaker or blown fuse

When there isn’t sufficient air flow, the blower works harder for better air intake to maintain the desired temperature. With an increase in the consumption of electricity, the circuit breaker would trip. The usual suspect is the air filter. Replacing the air filter before turning it back on could solve the problem. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, call a professional to take a look at it.

Wear and tear

With any mechanical system there is a certain amount of wear and tear. With moving parts and any strain on the machine there can be damage to the belt or coils. Get your system serviced regularly to identify any component that shows signs of wear and tear, and have it replaced before there is any further damage.

Air flow is clearly critical for any HVAC unit to function efficiently. Some of the causes are mentioned above. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind when it comes to making sure your system has adequate air flow. The size of the unit should be suitable for the space it is expected to heat or cool. If you make any changes to your home, like an extension or expansion, make sure you have a professional check if your system is still suitable for the space.

We have teams of experienced technicians at QuickSpark. You can call our helpline anytime and our consultant can set up a site visit. We can have our technician visit your home or office to help service your HVAC unit to ensure it is heating or cooling efficiently. They will make sure you are comfortable once the job is done.

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