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Why You Should Have an Electrical Inspection after a Lightning Strike

Why You Should Have an Electrical Inspection after a Lightning Strike

A lightning strike is a harrowing experience for any homeowner, especially if you do not have a lightning rod. The strike may cause a fire or an electric surge that may subsequently damage your wiring, home appliances, or business equipment. To avoid any pending disaster, it is always a wise idea to call a professional electrician for an electrical inspection of your premises after a lightning strike.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have your building inspected:

Prevent power surges

A lightning strike is one of the main causes of power surges. This is because it often strikes the path with least resistance; such as the electrical installations and the wiring. As a result, the amount of current that is flowing to the power outlets increases significantly leading to power surges. The extra burst of current is usually too much for a typical surge protector to handle. This can lead to extensive damage to your appliances and wiring system. With this in mind, performing an electrical inspection is necessarily the only way to prevent power surges and to eliminate the risk of electrical fire.

Locate electrical abnormalities

Even if you have a lightning circuit breaker or an arrestor, the damage caused by a lightning strike can be devastating and extremely extensive. Going it alone in a bid to establish the extent of the damage is not always a good strategy. You should first contact the fire department to rule out the possibility of any fires before enlisting a professional to carry out a thorough inspection and locate any electrical abnormalities. The electrician will also be able to confirm whether your lightning arrestors, circuit breakers, and all other electrical installations are functioning optimally.

Protect your investment

A home or a business premise is an expensive investment that you should strive to protect at all costs. Even though you cannot control Mother Nature, you can remove any level of uncertainty by having an electrical inspection of your property after a lightning strike. An electrical inspection will remove any uncertainty by highlighting the extent of the damage caused by the lightning strike. From the inspection report, you will be able to establish the level of electrical repair required to safely restore your premises.

File a successful insurance claim

Most insurance companies provide coverage for fires, power surges and electrical faults that are a direct result of lightning strikes. However, filing a successful insurance claim will always be a problem, unless you have an electrical inspection of your problems. Insurance companies are very strict when it comes to paying out compensations, as they often need an inspection report from a licensed electrician before they can settle any claims. With this in mind, it is only logical that you consult a reputable electrical service company to increase your chances of filing a successful insurance claim.


A lightning strike is an act of nature that is unpredictable. Furthermore, it can cause extensive and unimaginable damage to any premises. For this reason, it is always a wise decision to have an electrical inspection immediately after a lightning strike. This helps to establish the extent of the damage and prevent the risk of power surges and fires. Most importantly, you should only hire a licensed electrician or electrical services company to guarantee a comprehensive inspection report.

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