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Why Should You Install Safety Switches and Smoke Alarms at Home?

Why Should You Install Safety Switches and Smoke Alarms at Home?

Smoke alarms are an inexpensive and easy way of avoiding a terrible incident. Smoke detectors give you enough time to get out if there’s ever a fire in your home, as well as waking you up before the smoke from a fire can overcome you when asleep. They’re also suitable for giving older people – or those with breathing difficulties – more warning about smoke, so that they become aware of a problem more quickly.

To make your community safer, a great way is to install smoke alarms in homes. This will help protect vulnerable citizens and the entire population by ensuring that everyone has access to fire safety equipment. It’s simple.

Many people like security guards and teachers also have the task of ensuring the safety of those in their care, and smoke alarms are a brilliant way of alerting everybody of a potential emergency situation.    

Benefits of installing smoke alarms and safety switches

Smoke detectors provide you with peace of mind. You can’t afford to be without them – They do save lives. This page will help educate you on how best to install or maintain a working smoke alarm system for protection against fires, while saving money on heating bills.

It’s a scary feeling when you can’t find the source of smoke. Luckily, a smoke alarm will usually alert you before things get out of control Interlinked alarms work as an interlinked system where all alarms will sound together if there are multiple danger points. It will also alert you if the batteries are failing or circuits are shorting out. We recommend interconnected over independent smoke alarm systems– it pays to have peace of mind and know your family is protected by their army (of alarms!).

Below are some benefits:

Wireless connection

In a world where fire danger is always lurking, it can be challenging to find ways of protecting your family. With the transition from wired systems that require hardwiring through your home’s electrical system and into wireless interconnected smoke alarm systems, you no longer have to worry about wiring issues. Not only are they easy for homeowners with little tool knowledge in electric work to install and are simple on batteries if there were an outage. These alarms also use voice alerts, so you know what type of emergency has occurred before deciding how best to select a safe escape route out of the property.

Full home coverage

Time is of the essence when it comes to staying safe from house fires. If you were in a house fire and on your top floor, with only two minutes to escape but couldn’t hear an alarm going off because you’re down in the basement – that could be deadly! With interlinked smoke alarms throughout your house, if one goes off, then all will go off, so even if you can’t see or smell anything wrong, there’s less chance for something terrible happening.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) found that most fatalities stemming from home fires in the United States were located somewhere other than where they originally started. Why not protect your whole house by installing interconnected smoke alarms?


Safety switches and smoke alarms are an essential part of any home. These devices minimize the risk of electric shocks, injuries and deaths, and electricity-related fires that could result in disaster for your family. Safety switches work by preventing direct contact with power points to ensure a loss is detected if someone accidentally comes into contact with it. The switch detects these losses as small as 0.3 seconds, so everything can be shut down quickly before anything wrong happens.

Quick Spark knows the different types of safety switches and how they can protect your home. We install them to Australian standards in and around Australia, so contact us if you need a fast quote!

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