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Why Is My Light Switch Hot?

Why Is My Light Switch Hot?

When you touch a light switch does it feel hot? Do you wonder why it is hot? It might be because of too much electricity. A hot light switch means that something is wrong with your electrical system. You should consider whether the light switch is a traditional or a dimmer one. In the case of the traditional light switch, you need to take action immediately if it feels hot. Similarly, a dimmer switch that is hot is a sign of a major issue.

Identifying light switch problems can be stressful for you. You’re unlikely to track down the exact issue without professional experience. We recommend you hire an expert electrician to inspect your electrical system, find the problem, and fix it safely. However, here are some of the common reasons for a hot light switch.

Overloaded switch

There is a certain limit of power that light switches can handle. You can find switches that come with different rated powers. An overloaded switch is the major reason that causes a switch to get hot. Obviously, the best solution is to avoid overloading the switch. You need to determine the rated power of the switch. Mostly, wall switches can handle up to 15-20 amps. An overloaded switch can lead to an electrical fire if not fixed quickly.

A worn-out switch

A worn-out switch is more likely to get hot. Light switches tend to wear out with time. Therefore, even a small spark can cause a major light switch problem. It can create heat, causing the light switch to get hot. A worn-out light switch is a major electrical safety risk. Hire an expert electrician and make sure to replace old light switches in your home.

Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring is another reason for a hot light switch. If there are broken or loose wires, electricity tends to flow forcefully. As a result, this creates heat that is a major fire risk. The best solution is to call an expert electrician immediately for rewiring.

You should never overlook a hot light switch; because it can cause serious electrical problems in your home. The worst scenario of a hot light switch is an electrical fire. First of all, you should know the limit to which both traditional and dimmer switches can go. Dimmer switches can be a little warm because of their working mechanism. When they become too hot, there is a major issue. In this case, electrical repair is the best solution to avoid overheating.

At Quick Air, a professional team of electricians can inspect your electrical systems to find out the problem. We specialize in every kind of electrical work to ensure electrical safety. Our electrical service can help reduce the fire risk in your home. Most importantly, we know precisely which light switches will work perfectly for your home. Hire our experienced electricians to get your hot light switches repaired or replaced.

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