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Why Is it Important to Ground Electrical Current

Why Is it Important to Ground Electrical Current

Most of us would agree that electricity is perhaps greatest invention. Just imagine how the world would be without power. Almost everything around us depends on electricity. Although electricity has countless benefits in our lives, we also cannot avoid the fact that it is also the most dangerous element in our lives. Electricity becomes even more dangerous if it has not been grounded. So what is electrical grounding and why is it important? In this article, we are going to spell out why electrical grounding is crucial.

What is grounding?

In simple words, electrical grounding means providing an alternative route for an electrical current to flow back to the ground. Grounding helps to prevent people from getting shocked just in case the insulation inside the electrical appliance fails. Earth is a good conductor of electricity and hence provides an alternative escape path for electricity.

Why is grounding very important?

1. It prevents electrical overloads

A power surge is a common thing. Lighting is also common, especially during stormy  seasons. When power surges or lightning occurs, high current may be produced that can damage your valuable electrical appliances completely. Grounding helps to prevent this. It directs all excess electricity to the ground instead of directing it to your electrical appliances.

2. It helps to save life and property

If your electrician does not earth your electrical system, your life, and your valuable electrical appliances will be in danger. If a power surge occurs, and you happen to be on its path, the results could be fatal. Many people have died just simply because their electrical appliances were not grounded. Grounding also helps to prevent a fire that can cause massive damage to your property.

3. Grounding helps to stabilize voltage levels

Grounding your electrical system will help to stabilize your home’s voltage level. This is very important because it will ensure that power is distributed evenly in your home. You will therefore not have to worry that the sockets will get overloaded and in the process blow out. Earth is a good conductor of electricity, and can help to keep the voltage level in check.

4. Earth is a good conductor of electricity

This may come as a surprise to many, but it is true, the earth is the best conductor of electricity. It provides the least resistance, allowing electricity to pass through with ease. When you earth your home, you are actually giving electricity an alternative escape route. This is important because it helps to prevent excess electric current from going through your electrical appliances, damaging them in the process. Check to see if your home is grounded. If not, then you need to call an electrical service company to fix the problem. This way, you will help protect your family from harm. You will also help to protect your home appliances from getting damaged from an electrical surge. One of the best ways to check if your home is grounded is by checking your home’s power outlet. Your sockets need to have three outlets; namely live, neutral and earth. If it has two outlets, then it means that earth wire is missing. If that is the case, call Quick Spark immediately. We will send our experienced electrician to come and fix the problem ASAP.

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