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Why Do You Need An Electrician For Home Security Installation?

Why Do You Need An Electrician For Home Security Installation?

Though conditions are improving, Australia still has amongst the highest rates of crimes and burglary. Research conducted under the watch of the UN office on drugs and crime in 2016 marks Australia at 4th place in terms of crime rates. Even in 2018, when it comes to the highest number of burglary cases, Australia stands at 6th position. In such volatile conditions, the security of your residence shouldn’t be compromised.

In Victoria alone, three houses are broken into every hour! Yes, but unfortunately people don’t realize the importance of a security mechanism. Everyone calms their nerves by saying that it happened to my neighbour; I’m safe. But the harsh reality is that no one is entirely safe from a break in. The vast majority of people usually react strongly once  a robbery or burglary has happened; they rush to security system providers to buy their systems.

If you want to live a tension-free life – be proactive in such matters;  because it’s useless to cry over spilt milk. Another important factor is that most people buy these systems and then try to install them as DIYers. That being said, is it not unreasonable to install these systems by yourself, but you may need electricians and professionals to do such jobs.

Need of An Electrician for Security System Installation

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of the importance of an electrician for security system installation, let’s first find out what these systems actually are:

What is Security System

Home security systems cover a wide range of uses. Home security systems mainly consist of locked doors and windows, to intricate tech-integrated systems that prevent and assist in the identification of unwanted intruders. Nowadays, sensor lights and CCTV systems are being used worldwide for home security purposes.  

Why DIY for Security Installation is not Recommended?

Security systems work on precision and accuracy principles. If you miss out on an essential, your whole effort of catching the intruder will be missed. CCTV cameras and sensors along with alarm systems must be well-designed to cover all the major spots in the house. Door and window sensors need to be well-placed to work efficiently. Only a professional electrician can do all these things because a misplaced camera can create a hole in the security. 

If you have only one spot which needs to be monitored, then you can opt for self-installation. But, if there are multiple sensors and cameras, you need professional installation, so that the electrician can develop coherence in the whole system. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional


  • Includes security assessment
  • No toolbelt needed
  • Lesser up-front equipment costs
  • System tutorial and guidance
  • Improved security and accuracy


  • Installation fees
  • Pre-booking
  • Usually, require longer contracts

 The Bottom Line

Though electrical service providers charge good money, the results are usually reliable and satisfactory, as long as you hire a professional from a well-reputed company. If you want the most reliable installation with the market’s best prices, then click here to get in touch with our professional team. No delays, no hidden charges, quick electrical repairs with guaranteed results! What else do you need? Just click here, and the electrical expert will be there in no time!

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