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Why Do My Electrical Outlets Get Hot

Why Do My Electrical Outlets Get Hot

Why Do My Electrical Outlets Get Hot? This is a question you may ask yourself. If your electrical outlets get too hot, then that is a clear sign that it is struggling to accommodate the devices attached to it. There are many things that can make your electrical outlets hot. Some of the things are simple to fix by yourself, while others need the attention of an experienced electrician. In this article we are going to discuss common reasons why your electrical outlets get hot.

1. Loose electrical connection

One of the main reasons why your electrical outlets get so hot is due to loose electrical connections. When there is a loose electrical connection, then it means that the current is traveling in small strands of wiring which are not sufficient to enable smooth transfer of electricity. As a result, when an additional device is added to the outlet, then the outlet is forced to heat up because it cannot support any additional current passing through.

2. Short circuit

A short circuit can cause the electrical outlet to overheat. A short circuit occurs when two wires come in contact with each other. A short circuit is very dangerous and can cause massive damage to the entire outlet, and even cause injury to  people close by. In such cases, the  short circuit needs to be fixed fast by a qualified electrical repair expert.

3. Too many plugs on the outlet

If you attach too many plugs, especially those that consume a lot of power, then the outlet may get hot because it is struggling to accommodate all the leads attached to it. If you notice that the outlet is getting too hot because of this problem, then all that you need to do is unplug a few leads; especially those that consume a lot of power, and it will cool down.

4. Incorrectly sized fuse

This is most common in older homes that still use old outlets that don’t support modern electrical appliances. Most old electrical outlets were designed to handle light equipment that doesn’t demand too much power. They are also fitted with a fuse that cannot accommodate devices that consume a lot of power. As a result, they usually heat up indicating the unreasonable load placed on them.

5. Too much current flowing on the outlet

Too much current flowing on a particular outlet may be as a result of electrical fault, or just the way electrical wiring in that particular building was done. Too much current flowing to an outlet can make it heat up; especially when a plug is attached to it. The best solution to this is by calling a professional electrician to fix the problem.

6. Aluminum wiring

Another reason your outlet may be getting hot is probably because the wiring was done using aluminum cables. Aluminum cables are prone to getting hot especially when a heavy load is plugged in. This is the reason most people prefer copper wiring over aluminum.

In conclusion, if you have realized that your electrical outlets get hot, then we, Quick Spark are here to help you out. We have a team of experienced electricians who respond promptly to all our client’s concerns. When you give us a call, we will send out an experienced electrician immediately to fix the problem. We enjoy a good reputation because our customers are happy with the quality of service that we always deliver. Don’t wait, call us today to book your appointment.

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