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When to Update Your Home’s Electrical Panel

When to Update Your Home’s Electrical Panel

The electrical panel inside your home is a crucial component of the home’s electrical system. It helps carry electricity all over the house to appliances, lights, and fans.

Are you going through electrical problems and can’t figure out why they are happening? When was the last time you got electrical maintenance or an electrical service done? Your answer will help you realize if you need to call in an electrician or not. 

For your guidance, we have listed below some important points you should follow for an electrical panel update.

Why should you update your home’s electrical panel?

As time passes and new appliances come in, electrical panels require updates to be compatible with the devices present in your home. If you live in a very old home, then it’s important you call out an electrician to check the electrical panel. He will inform you whether your panel needs an electrical service, electrical maintenance, or should be replaced entirely. However, if your electrical panel is a few years old, it is best to replace it before it stops working.

1. Faulty Wiring

Are you wondering when is the right time to call out an electrical service to replace the electrical panel? One of the most common reasons to replace an electrical panel is when you have faulty wiring. Usually, the older the wiring is, the more problems it causes, so it’s better if you get it changed as soon as possible. If you have flickering lights or current shocks when you touch a switchboard, or can smell something burning, schedule electrical maintenance before it is too late.

2. New Appliance Installation

If you are purchasing a new electrical appliance, then the old electrical panel at your home might not be able to deal with the modern device. It is important that you conduct an electrical service with an electrician to confirm whether a panel change is required. Before adding a new appliance such as an air conditioner or a hot tub, confirm from the electrical maintenance team if the new panel will support the modern appliances. If they give you a positive reply, you can go ahead with the new electrical panel installation without a worry.

3. Excessive use of extension wires

Have you recently been using many extension cords because you haven’t had the time to call an electrician for a new electrical panel? Getting a new electrical panel will make things easy for you, as you will be able to connect leads separately into different outlets. This is a suitable practice as it minimizes the risks of fire hazards.

If you seek professional and expert electrical service and electrical maintenance, you should reach out to us at Quick Spark. As residential and commercial electrical service providers, we guarantee quick and affordable electric services at your house. For bookings or appointments, reach out to us at 1300 8SPARK.

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