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What Causes a Light Bulb to Explode?

What Causes a Light Bulb to Explode?

Have you ever imagined a fan falling on you or a light bulb exploding in your room?

If you have, then there’s no need to worry as that’s perfectly normal. Most of us have imagined the weirdest scenarios, including exploding light bulbs.

Imagine that you are sitting in your room and watching a movie when a light bulb explodes in the middle of the night. Should you call an electrician for an electrical repair or an electrical service?

Ever wondered what causes light bulbs to explode? Let’s find out what to do when they explode.

1. A rush in power

One of the most common reasons that electricians point out for exploding light bulbs is a rush in power. A power rush refers to a situation in which the electrical voltage suddenly rises, more than normal, on the electrical circuit. Light bulbs are only able to handle certain voltages, so when the voltage increases, they end up exploding because of too much electricity. To handle or avoid such a situation, you can ask your electrical repair or electrical service people to suggest bulbs that don’t explode easily.

2. Loose sockets

At times the culprit behind an exploding light bulb can be loose sockets that don’t receive proper connection. The bulb holders are made in a way that they fit in properly. There are times when electricians aren’t able to screw them in perfectly, which causes the connection to be lost, and the bulb explodes. Loose socket connections can be problematic and create the risk of a bulb explosion. If you want to avoid this problem, then before you get an electrical repair and an electrical service, purchase a bulb that is of the correct size. A firmly screwed in bulb will solve your problem.

3. Incorrect bulb wattage

You might be aware that different light bulbs are designed to operate with wattage that is suitable for them. If you have a bulb that exceeds the wattage limit, then there is a risk of the light bulb exploding. This is why when the electrician comes over for electrical service, he asks you to use a suitable light bulb according to the wattage. You will have to get an electrical repair if your bulb explodes due to wattage issues. It is recommended that you use light wattage bulbs to avoid any explosions in the future.

4. Poor insulation

Some light bulb manufacturers do not provide enough insulation on the base of the light bulb, which can create serious issues. Lack of insulation can cause the metal base to melt, which means that the electricity doesn’t flow properly. To ensure that the bulb doesn’t explode, opt for good-quality bulbs that are insulated properly.

Do you have an exploded light bulb that has got you worried, and now you are in search of an electrical repair? Guess what? We at Quick Spark have highly trained and experienced electricians who will take care of your electrical service crisis. Your work will be done in no time, and it won’t cost you much. For bookings and appointments, contact us now.

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