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Warning signs you need to replace electrical outlets

Warning signs you need to replace electrical outlets

It is wise to get the electrical wiring or any other work related to circuits, switches, wiring, or outlets at your place done by a professional who can look into the matter professionally and safely. Taking electrical work into your own hands can be risky; as not everyone knows how to fix electrical problems.

It’s advisable to call an electrician sooner rather than later; as electrical problems do not fix themselves and can become a hazard..

Below a list of few warning signs that could be useful and suggest to you that it is time to call a professional and fix/repair your electrical outlets:

When outlets become warm: Outlets should not feel warm or hot when you touch them. It is an indication that something is not right in the outlet. The reason for heat could be loose electrical connections or overloading. The majority of house fires happen due to overheating of electrical appliances, resulting in a short circuit. Call a professional as soon as you notice a change in the temperature of the outlet.

Breaker trips often: Circuit breakers generally trip when there is an overload, short circuit, or a ground fall. There must be some underlying fault if the circuit breaker at your place trips often. Call a professional to find it out and get the problem fixed.

Lights flickering/dimming quickly or continually: if the lights flicker every now and then, there must be some problem with the wiring or the electrical outlet.

It doesn’t work anymore: If on connecting your appliances to the outlet, it doesn’t work, then it has died and is of no use. To ensure that the fault is in the outlet and not the appliance, check it out by plugging it into another outlet.

The plug or any other part is loose: Loose outlets could be a sign of danger. Over time, outlets tend to loosen and appliances can not be plugged into it. It’s time to get it replaced by an electrician.

The outlet is broken or cracked: With time, the outlets crack if they are not of good quality. During the building of your house, make sure you always purchase electrical materials of good quality. A break or crack in the outlet is a sign that it is of no use anymore.

Smoke from the outlet: When the outlet is overheated, the wires inside it melt. In case you can not determine the change in temperature of the outlet from usual to warmer, smoke is an indicator that a short circuit is about to happen, and it’s time to urgently replace the old outlet with a new one.

Repairing an outlet by yourself is not only risky, but not everyone has the necessary know-how. Find an electrician who can fix your problems and offer the best solutions and alternatives to repair the outlets. Keep a regular check on the electric outlets, and don’t just wait for something to happen to get the problem fixed.

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