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Warning Signs of Electrical Fires

Warning Signs of Electrical Fires

The words ‘electric fire’ itself are enough to make you alarmed about the possibility of a house fire in your home. How many times has it happened that you have heard the news about homes going up in flames due to a short circuit?

Do you know why fires happen most of the time? It’s because people don’t pay heed to electrical maintenance and getting electrical repair done when they should.

To be sure that you can look out for the safety of your family and loved ones, we have listed below some warning signs for an electrical fire. Please make sure you get things checked by an electrician before it is too late. 

1. A burning smell

Has it ever happened that you come across a strong burning smell but shrug it off, thinking that it must be coming from next-door neighbors?

Be careful when you smell something burning, and immediately look up a trusted electrical maintenance or electrical repair tradesman. If you are able to locate the source of the smell, then instantly turn off your power before things get worse. However, if you are unable to figure out what’s burning, then without wasting any time, call an expert electrician to take a look.

2. Circuit breaker keeps tripping

The job of a circuit breaker is to prevent electric fires and cut off the power access to stop a short circuit from happening. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it means that it is trying to tell you something. Before calling in for electrical maintenance, you could try to figure out things on your own.

Check if any electrical repair is required and whether all your appliances are on a single circuit. If the things mentioned above are fine, then a short circuit might be happening somewhere in your wiring. This situation will require you to call in an electrician.

3. Damaged or old wiring

Is your home 40 to 50 years old, and you aren’t sure if electrical maintenance was a routine before you moved in? If yes, then it’s important you get electrical repair every few years to prevent a fire from happening.

Damaged or old wiring is one of the most common reasons why electric fires happen, which is why replacing them is a good idea. If you are unsure of how old your wiring is, then you should call in a trusted electrician who will provide you with all the expertise on wiring.

While the above-mentioned reasons are some of the main causes of electrical fires, the causes might differ from home to home. If you feel that you’re in danger, or a fire might occur, then without hesitating, you can reach out to us.

We at Quick Spark provide electrical maintenance and electrical repair services 24/7. We understand how sensitive these situations are, which is why we are always on time. If you are facing an emergency, you can reach out to us at 1300 8SPARK, and one of our electricians will be right there.

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