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Stay Prepared With An Electrical Emergency Checklist

Stay Prepared With An Electrical Emergency Checklist

What about a power outage? For one, it can be extremely disruptive and sometimes dangerous— especially if you’re not prepared. But don’t fret! We’ve got your back in this guide with how to prepare yourselves for the worst – ahead of time, in order to keep everyone safe and well during an unexpected blackout.

A power outage may disrupt communications, water, and transportation. Retail businesses close down with the power out for prolonged periods of time, which in turn has a negative effect on customers who have to resort back to grocery stores as their main source of food or gas stations when they’ve run dry; banks are also closed so people can’t access cash machines.

The situation becomes even more dire when it comes to medical devices; because most hospitals rely heavily upon electricity for maintaining life-supporting equipment such as ventilators, respirators, and incubator units amongst other things that run off electrical current like MRI scanners (if you’re not sure what these are, just Google them). This is why extended blackouts affect communities economically by disrupting essential services during an already tough economic crisis.

Emergency Checklist

This is what you should do to prepare for a power outage:

  • Put together an emergency kit.
  • Put together a household evacuation plan.

If there is not enough time for this, at least ensure that all of the following are in your car or on hand and accessible.

  • Sign up for alerts and weather warnings
  • install carbon monoxide detectors with battery backup throughout the house
  • use thermometers in refrigerators/freezers when the power returns
  • fill up gas tanks & containers if possible
  • Contact your doctor about medications that may be affected by electricity loss. Learn how to manually open the garage door.
  • Update your contact information with the power company before an outage occurs.
  • Make sure you know if your landline will work during a blackout to be safe and sound!

What items should be in your emergency kit for a power outage?

Based on the Red Cross Survival Kit and NBC news, this is what should be in your emergency kit for a power outage; the needs of family members such as medication, baby supplies, pet supplies, and so on. Keep everything in one easy-to-access location which can easily fit into a shoebox or other small containers with handles to make it easier to carry when needed.      

Tips to Stay Safe During a Power Outage

Use these tips for your and your family’s safety during a power outage:    

The best way to stay safe during a power outage is by following these simple guidelines.

First, keep refrigerators and fridges closed, so that the food does not spoil in the absence of electricity; disconnect appliances like dishwashers as well as electronic devices such as TVs or cell phones- this will help you avoid accidents!

Next, plan ahead for any medications which need to be kept cool and make sure they’re stored elsewhere if there are no  other options available (in addition, don’t forget about keeping your pet’s medicine on hand!). You should also check up on others who may require assistance when it comes to managing their chronic conditions while being without power.

Finally – always use generators outdoors away from windows; since gas stoves can pose safety risks.

Reach out to Quick Spark to get more tips on what you should do when experiencing a power outage!

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