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Renovating an Old Home

Renovating an Old Home

Renovating an old home brings a multitude of complex issues;  which include electrical problems that can bring a halt to  renovations.

 Update Outdated Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring in the old homes could be out of date. Outdated circuits in old homes weren’t designed to power modern appliances and electronics. Electronics these days are being designed to use less power, but you could be unknowingly causing strain to the wiring in your home due to the increased electrical usage of a modern home.

If you have tangled wires and cords or power strips sprouting from an outlet then rewiring with the help of electricians in Melbourne can be a good idea:

  • Upgrading the main service panel to 100 amps.
  • Installing newer circuits to power your appliances.
  • Updating electrical outlets to avoid a fire hazard.

Add New Lighting Fixtures

When you take out old ceiling lights and replace them with something newer and more adequate for your space, you will need to decide where they will be installed. Some ceiling lights are connected to an electrical box in your ceiling (typically covered with paint) while electrical boxes contain wires that have live power in them (the cover of the box keeps the wires easily accessible). Contact 24-hour electricians to test the voltage of wires and keep safe from live wires.

Create a Plan of Action

Get 24-hour electricians andfigure out what you want to accomplish with your renovation. Create a plan and figure out where you want your new lights to go and allow them to inspect your design to make sure your home is up to code for electrical wiring.

A clear plan, showing where to drill the new wires and mark where your existing live wires are located inside of the walls, will help you in the long run. This will let you know what walls will have damage, the walls that won’t be damaged at all, and the walls that need to be replaced once the wiring is complete.

Avoid Fire Hazards

Knowing what causes a serious fire hazard is easily detected when you seek help from a licensed electrician Sydney. They look at your home’s insulation around the wires to make sure they’re not dried out or fraying. A 24-hour electrician is your best bet to help you cut down the risk of a potential fire or electrocution.

Summing up

When renovating an old home and adding new light fixtures, reach out to 24-hour electricians service; as a licensed electrician can provide more details of what else should be included when installing new wiring and outlets into your home.

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