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Power’s Out? Things You Should Do During A Power Outage

Power’s Out? Things You Should Do During A Power Outage

Heat waves, freezing temperatures, natural disasters, issues with the electricity grid, accidents, or even a single downed tree can lead to power outages. In the modern era, everything is connected to electricity. Once power is interrupted, your whole life will get disturbed for the time being. 

Your tech gadgets may run out of battery, Air conditioners will turn off, heaters will stop heating, microwave ovens will stop functioning, machines, and almost all the major components in your house will shut down. So, to protect yourself and your family from the freezing winds of June, July, and the heat waves of December, January will be your top priority. 

In addition to that, what will you do to alleviate boredom, as electricity may take hours or even, in some cases, a few days to get back to normal? Here are a few tips on what to do when power run-outs, irrespective of the cause of power outage.

How to Stay Cool

If, during the summer months, your electricity cuts out, then the first step would be to stop the flow of internal coldness to the external hot environment. Cover the doors, windows, and close all the openings. Try to stay hydrated, as your body requires water to cool itself down. Open the areas of the house which offer air flow, as they would maintain the internal temperature. We can’t go long without eating anything, but in such situations, use grills instead of stoves to avoid extra heat accumulating in your house.

How to Stay Warm

Likewise, if cold months of June and July are freezing, and then all of the sudden electricity goes out, then stop the flow of internal heat of the house- either heated by heaters or furnaces. It’s always preferable to keep an additional gas heater, so if electricity faces any interruption, you will be on the safe side. But always take care of proper ventilation because if you use heaters or stoves for an extended period, noxious gases may gather and cause issues for the residents. 

Water and Food Problems

Once there’s any disruption with electricity, your health will be at risk. Why? All the food kept in the refrigerator may not be usable after some time. Additionally, the water coming from the treatment plant may not be cleaned due to a power outage on the plant’s site. It’s mandatory to confirm before using any such water, as unclean water can leave harmful effects on you, your family, and even pets. For food preservation, you can keep a few coolers with ice packs or gels as a backup. Additionally, keep the main refrigerator closed as long as you can; because a full freezer can retain its coldness for about 48 hours.

The Bottom Line

In addition to these, keep all your electrical appliances safe, as fluctuations with electricity might cause issues. If something bad happens, contact an electrician for electrical repair at the earliest to avoid any further damage. We, at QuickSpark, are offering same-day electrical service in all the major cities of Australia. If you live in a remote area, our electricians will try to reach your locations as soon as possible. For emergencies, our phone lines are always open; just call us at 1300 877 275 any time of the week or month.   

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