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Outdoor Home Lighting Tips

Outdoor Home Lighting Tips

Lighting can go a long way towards making the outdoors feel safe, unique, and comforting. The best part is that you don’t even need to spend tons to create excellent lighting in your outdoor area. Below, this guide will explain to you some tips for outdoor lighting from the perspective of an electrician who’s worked on plenty of electrical repair cases. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Highlight The House

First up, one major mistake people tend to make when getting outdoor lighting is that they focus entirely on the area around their house for lights and fixtures. Any experienced electrician will tell you that you should focus on lighting the walls and sides of your house. This will provide an added sense of comfort to your home and do wonders when it comes to security.

2. Don’t Overdo It

Sure, it can be pretty fascinating to fix different types of lights all over your garden. However, that is not the right approach. There can be a lot to handle, from a hefty electrical bill to the hassle of constant electrical repair and electrical service. Moreover, when you overdo the lighting, you fill too much of the space with bulbs and fixtures.

3. Get Durable Fixtures

When you are getting fixtures and lights for the outdoors, any experienced electrician out there will suggest you get the best quality product to avoid constant electrical repair or electrical service. Since these bulbs and fixtures will be installed outside by an electrician or by you, there are chances that they might come in contact with external elements of bad weather or the hot sun.

Do not be stingy here; pick products made from brass of high quality. According to our electricians here at Quick Spark, brass comes with different kinds of coatings to keep your fixtures safe and sound.

4. Check IP Ratings

Other than looking at the durability, you also need to check the IP rating of your lighting if you wish to avoid getting an electrical repair or electrical service after every few months. IP, short for ‘ingress protection’, will determine the ability of your light to tackle external elements such as dirt and debris. If you ask an electrician here at Quick Spark, we suggest getting a fixture with a high IP rating. A rating of six or more is perfect if you are somewhere with constant rainfalls.

5. Do a Trial Run

Once you have a final image of what the lighting will look like, make sure to do a trial run. Get an expert electrician from Quick Spark to do the electrical service. Once done, you can check and ensure that the light doesn’t shine or reflect into the homes of other people. Moreover, position it in a way that provides maximum comfort to you.

Any electrician out there will tell you how crucial it is to plan your lighting process. At Quick Spark, we have experts who are well-versed in the dynamics of electrical repair, electrical service, and more! Call us today to book a quote with our experienced workers.

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