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My Light Switch Makes a Crackling Sound When Turned On. Why?

My Light Switch Makes a Crackling Sound When Turned On. Why?

If your light switch is making crackling sounds, it can be very annoying, especially if the noise wakes you up from a deep sleep. Are you worried about what might be causing your light switch to go all crazy with the sounds? Is it happening because you forgot to call over the electrician for that electrical service? If your bulb is also making popping noises simultaneously, it’s essential you call over an electrical maintenance team before things worsen and potentially become hazardous.

How does a light switch work?

To understand why your light switch is making noises, it’s important that you first learn how a light switch works. Have you ever seen an electrician or an electrical maintenance guy working on switches? Or have you seen an ad on television showing electrical service?

If not, let us explain the process to you. The electric light switch works through a constant flow of current into the socket. When you turn on the button, the electricity flows through the light, and when you turn it off, the flow of the electrical current automatically comes to a stop.

Why is your light switch making noises?

Defective or worn-out switches

When was the last time you got an electrical service or electrical maintenance done? One of the most common reasons why your light switch is making a noise could be due to worn-out switches. Your basic wiring might be loose or faulty and causing the light switch to emit noises. The best option is to get the wiring checked by a professional electrician before the lights stop working.

Incorrect insulation

Did you call over an electrical service team to have a look at your light switchboard? If you are hearing crackling or popping sounds coming from your light switch, then it is an indication that there is something wrong with the insulated wires. It means that the flowing electricity is trying to bridge a gap in the wiring, but due to a fault, it isn’t able to. To get rid of these issues, consult your electrician or electrical maintenance team. They will either help you replace or repair the faulty light switch that is making noises.

Is a crackling light switch dangerous?

Do you have any idea of how dangerous a crackling light switch could be? A crackling light switch, if left unattended, can create major hazards, including electrical fires and short circuits. It is important that you fix the light switch as soon as possible to keep your family safe.

At Quick Spark, we provide electrical maintenance and electrical services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you are facing any issue with your electrical light switch, you can reach out to us without hesitating. With a highly skilled and professional electrician team, we will turn up on your doorstep in no time. To book an appointment, you can call us at 1300 8SPARK.

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